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The best show on television.

Space Shuttle Discovery



James"Scottty" Doohan

Tiger Woods/ Jack Nicklaus


Since Tiger won the 2005 British Open I have heard some pretty stupid comments comparing these two legends.

My two cents are:


Tiger and Jack are as different as Night and Day…


Does anyone stop and think for one moment that Jack had it much easier than Tiger has or ever will have it from the Media, The public and in most importantly today’s society?

Jack never had to experience being called the N-Word or discouraged in his youth for just trying to play the game he loves.

Jack never had to deal with the warp speed Internet Society of media hounds who can pick you apart and create stories out of sheer lies and speculations with such force the many will form opinions and think that it’s true without really knowing the true facts.

Jack never had to deal with the mind boggling wave of skeptics questioning Tigers every move and invasions into his personal life and all the doubters and haters and venum thrown at Tiger Every Day.

There are thousands of reasons Tiger is more guarded than Jack.. There are people in this country that hate the fact that 1 single African/Thai Minority golfer is completely Destroying every single record of significance in the history of this predominantly white man’s game.

And through all of this, Tiger Marches On.

No Tiger will never be Jack… But Jack could Never be Tiger either!

Now to Jack:

 Nicklaus won six Masters tournaments (1963, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1975, 1986), the most by any player in the competition’s history. His 1986 win at the age of 46 made Nicklaus the oldest Masters winner in history. Other major tournament victories include five PGA championships (1963, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1980), three more U.S. Open titles (1967, 1972, 1980), and three British Open titles (1966, 1970, 1978). He was named the PGA’s player of the year five times (1967, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976), and won the PGA’s Golfer of the Century award in 1988.

To Jack Nicklaus on his last British Open, I congratulate you on an incredible career. You have served the game of golf with tremendous dignity and respect. You will be missed.

To Tiger Woods: KEEP SWINGIN!



Arthur Fletcher – Civil Rights

About 10-12 yrs ago my father introduced to me to a man that I would learn to admire and respect through the years. When I met him I did not know who he was, but I quickly learned that he was no ordinary man. I was in awe of him.
He was someone I should have read about in school and studied. I found myself talking to a man who was the very model of "Black History". Today I recieved an email from my father informing me that he had passed away.
This is his life…..

 Arthur Fletcher was an adviser to Republican presidents and an early booster of affirmative action, died of natural causes July 12, 2205 at his Washington home.

He was 80.

Fletcher served as an adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

As an official in Nixon’s Labor Department, Fletcher in 1969 administered the “revised Philadelphia plan,” which set and enforced equal opportunity employment standards for companies with federal contracts and their labor unions.

After that, Ford, Reagan and Bush appointed him to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, which he chaired from 1990 to 1993.

Fletcher, dubbed “the father of affirmative action,” was also a delegate to the United Nations, executive director of the United Negro College Fund, owner of consulting and food-services businesses and the first black candidate for statewide office in Washington.

He was born in Phoenix, Ariz., his father a career military man. He grew up in California, Arizona, Oklahoma and Kansas, graduating in 1950 from Washburn University in Topeka.

Fletcher was shot in World War II, where he fought in an Army tanker division for Gen. George Patton.

Before entering politics, he was a defensive end for the Baltimore Colts — one of that professional football team’s first black players — and the Los Angeles Rams.

Fletcher is survived by his wife, Bernyce Hassan-Fletcher, three children and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


I would like to extend to condolences to his family.

Karl Rove

Ok I have kept this under my skin for long enough.
Karl Rove is known at the White House as the "the architect," the strategist behind President Bush’s political victories. Sometimes he’s even called "Bush’s brain." Now "the leaker" may become his new nickname, and some wonder if the White House deputy chief of staff will survive.
For someone whose reputation is based on maneuvering behind the scenes, Rove has left himself open to attack with revelations about his role in leaking information two years ago about a CIA officer. The leak is the subject of a federal criminal investigation.
Democrats are demanding Rove’s resignation or firing. Some Republicans are nervously wondering whether he went too far and whether he was honest with Bush about what he had done. President Bush, at an Oval Office photo opportunity This week, was asked directly whether he would fire Rove, in keeping with a pledge in June, 2004, to dismiss any leakers in the case. The president of course did not respond.
This week White House press secretary Scott McClellan refused to answer questions about Rove and was slammed by the White House Press Corp in a way that is starting to hurt his crediblity.
Someone started a thread last nite regarding the WH press corps fileting of McClellen yesterday, that the reason for the new attitude of blood sport is because they no longer fear retribution.
I think there’s going to be lots of payback. imagine all the reporters who were threatened by Rove in the last two elections, they’ve been cut loose.
To David Gregory(NBC), CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the media world.
Let the games begin!
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