Hurricane Katrina




My Two Cents

Hurricane Katrina has exposed fundamental problems in American society, notably the division of wealth along racial lines, the abandonment of the poor and the absurd federalist bureaucracy. Our country has been shown to not care about its more vulnerable citizens.

 In a city where 80% of the population are black, it is not surprising that the only images we see are of African American people. I do not believe that the Bush administration is any more racist then the previous governments who have allowed poverty to exist in our country, regardless of color. And for the media to claim that blacks are looting and whites are finding food is completely irresponsible, but not surprising.

In the last week I have seen nothing but America bashing on the internet so I leave you with this:

 Katrina cannot change the heart of a nation that sacrifices a lot to save lives elsewhere. The United States can have some weakness but it remains the only country that gives food, money and security to everyone on earth.The United States is also the one of the only places where immigrants are tolerated and given chance.


 The United States is still the United States even after September 11 or this latest disaster.




Just because you call yourself an activist doesn’t make you one.



My heart goes out to all of those people that lost their homes, lives, and loved ones.

Fight The Power



American Red Cross

Victims of Hurricane Katrina are attempting to recover from the massive storm. American Red Cross volunteers have been deployed to the hardest hit areas of Katrina’s destruction, supplying hundreds of thousands victims left homeless with critical necessities. If you would like to help The American Red Cross is taking donations on this site.



The Bush/Clinton Katrina Fund will also serve as an umbrella organization for three special funds established by the governors of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi and will focus on the long term recovery plan for the states affected by this terrible tradegy.



Oprah’s Angel Network



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  1. Generally I agree with the sentiment; you eloquently flipped current collective feelings on their proverbial ears. But I have to completely disagree with the tolerance you claim this country owns for its immigrants. The policies are rude to immigrants (one reason we have an overwhelmingly large population of illegal immigrants). If you want to see a country that "tolerates" this kind of melting pot, just look north to Canada. It’s more than tolerance there; it’s acceptance, embraced with open arms. Look at the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, France…America plainly does not compare. Tolerance is simply not enough, nor should it be seen as a national virtue, even in theory. America has a lot to learn in the way of diplomacy to immigrants.Intriguing blog. :)-Priya

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