I was listening to this great comedy album last year called “Harmful if Swallowed” by Dane Cook and for the first time in a long time I started to get excited about comedy again. It has been almost five years since I have done stand up professionally, but this guy Cook is the closest that I have seen to great comedy in a while.

 Cook is not only an accomplished comedian, but also a very talented actor and writer as well. He’s won a Best Actor award from the Pixie Awards for his portrayal of someone facing their own inner demons in Spiral, and was recently voted #1 on Comedy Central’s top stand-up comedians


My favorite bit on the “Harmful if Swallowed” CD is the BK Lounge routine.

"So many crappy…the first job i had right…the first job when I was uh? 17 uh was Burger King.That was the first job that I had alright? I didnt want to call it Burger King either cuz like yanno? So i called it the BK Lounge. If the girls were like where do you work? I’d be like I work down at the BK Lounge. I’m a bouncer at the BK Lounge….Can we get in?…Not without coups. Not without coups baby….So I get the job because I have one older brother Darrell , he’s the manager and I’m like this is gonna be awesome cuz my bro manager hooked me up. He was a dick! He thought he was the Burger King!You know what I’m saying? He sucked! He would put me on drive thru every single night. 
I took a…I took a lady’s order one time. I’ll never forget this. I go like this Mam. That’ll be $3.75. Please drive around. And then there’s like this long pause and then she goes Where do I go? …Where do you go?! You follow the one fucking road you’re on to me! …Where do you Ok mam you’re gonna go to the Texaco station. Take a right. Go 5 and a half miles southeast.You’re gonna see a guy in a yellow poncho. His name is Hank. He’ll take you to the Whopper Lair.That’s where you go. And you’ve got 10 minutes to get there or we take your food!


Last week he released the album “Retaliation”. The album sold 86,000 copies in its first week, debuting at No. 4 on Billboard’s charts. Which is supposed to be the highest ranked comedy album since Steve Martin.


After listening to "Retaliation" several times, it seems that Dane has chosen a slightly different path. The comedy is edgier and slightly less refined. "Retaliation", while not as awesome as "Harmful" still is a great comedy CD.  It will certainly appeal to those who thought "Harmful" was great but will also have greater appeal to the college-aged market.


My favorite routines were:
The Nothing Fight
The Creepy guy at work.


This is his official website.


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