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"On Halloween night the Great Pumpkin rises out of his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys for all the children."
– Linus van Pelt





Cincinnati Bengals
(October 30,2005)

Bengals 21, Packers 14


The Bengals intercepted five Brett Favre passes, the first time in 215 regular season games Favre had thrown five interceptions, and the Bengals defeated Green Bay 21-14 this afternoon at Paul Brown Stadium.

The Bengals are 6-2 for the first time since 1988. The Packers fell to 1-6. The Bengals will maintain their lead in the AFC North over Pittsburgh, which plays Monday night at home against Baltimore.

The Bengals have intercepted five passes in a game four times in franchise history – three times this season. They previously intercepted five passes in games against Minnesota and at Chicago. Fifteen of the Bengals’ 20 interceptions through eight games have come against NFC Central teams.

Cornerback Deltha O’Neal and middle linebacker Odell Thurman each had two interceptions, and cornerback Tory James had one. O’Neal has six for the season, and Thurman and James each have four.

The single-game Bengals franchise record is six, accomplished twice, in 1971 and 1976.

The Bengals are a league-leading plus-20 in turnover differential. The victory over the Packers was their seventh in a row against NFC teams.

The home crowd of 65,940 was the second highest in franchise history, behind only week’s game against Pittsburgh.

Favre threw six interceptions in an NFC playoff game at St. Louis following the 2001 season.

Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer threw three touchdown passes and one interception. He now has 16 touchdown passes and five interceptions. Palmer came in with 13, one behind Favre. Favre threw a 1-yard touchdown pass to tight end Bubba Franks with 3:11 remaining in the game.

The Bengals held a 14-7 lead at halftime but could not capitalize on Favre’s second and third interceptions. O’Neal intercepted him twice in the third quarter on passes intended for wide receiver Donald Driver. Then James picked off Favre – his fourth of the game.

But the Bengals could not get points off an interception until early in the fourth quarter, when Thurman caught a pass that had been tipped by O’Neal.

Palmer threw his third touchdown pass, 27 yards down the middle to fullback Jeremi Johnson. It was Johnson’s fifth reception of the season, three for touchdowns.

The Bengals scored just seven points off turnovers, giving them 84 for the season.

The Bengals, as was the case against the Steelers last week, had an impressive long drive to open the game. Unlike the previous game, the Bengals scored on their first possession.

On third down and goal from the Packers 4-yard line, Palmer hit running back Chris Perry with a fastball for the touchdown. Perry beat Green Bay linebackers Paris Lenon and Robert Thomas.

The drive was set-up by a 36-yard kickoff return by rookie Tab Perry, who played in spite of a back injury that had him listed as questionable Friday.

The Bengals were 3 of 3 on third down plays on the drive, including a pair of 12-yard completions to wide receiver Kevin Walter and tight end Matt Schobel.

The Packers tied the game 7-7 with 9:35 left in the second quarter. Favre was 5 of 6 passing for 50 yards, and tailback Tony Fisher capped a 66-yard drive with a leap over the pile from the 1-yard line.

The Bengals responded with another long drive of their own. They went 73 yards on 12 plays, scoring on an 8-yard pass from Palmer to T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Passes on first and second downs to Chad Johnson and Chris Perry were incomplete. On the drive, the Bengals were 3 of 3 on third down, including one Green Bay penalty.

The Bengals were 2 of 2 for touchdowns in the red zone.

The Bengals got the ball back on an interception by linebacker Odell Thurman inside of the two-minute warning in the first half.

End Robert Geathers knocked the ball into the air, and it was tipped by tackle John Thornton before Thurman caught it.

Taking possession at their 43-yard line, the Bengals drove deep into Green Bay territory but bad clock management prevented them from scoring.

On second down and 9 from the Packers 29-yard line, Palmer threw an out pass to Houshmandzadeh near the sideline. Eight seconds remained on the clock at the time of the snap. Houshmandzadeh broke two tackles and ran toward the sideline, but instead of stepping out of bounds, he ran down the sideline before being tackled at the 9. But the clock had expired before he could get the timeout. The Bengals would have had time for a field goal attempt had he run out of bounds and stopped the clock. Palmer came over and yelled at Houshmandzadeh.

Palmer had another strong showing in the first half. He was 16-for-21 passing for 146 yards and two touchdowns and no interceptions. His passer rating was 126.3.

Bengals cornerback Reggie Myles bruised his knee covering a punt toward the end of the third quarter but did return.

WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

West Wing



Regarding Toby and the leak:


It is still difficult for me to still buy that move as in character for Toby. Even with the fact of his brother having been an astronaut, it doesn’t right for him to have cracked and leaked classified information. He’s too together, too smart for that.


Something makes me think that it’s not as simple as Toby leaking this information, but taking the fall for someone (for Leo?). We certainly know that Toby won’t be in prison in 2 years time – maybe he does go to prison and Jed pardons him as he leaves office (which all departing Presidents do for their friends who got caught)


We do know that in the next three years Toby gets a job teaching at Columbia University and at the end of that period, he is forgiven enough by Jed to be invited to the Dedication of the Presidential Library. But the fact that he was teaching at Columbia and was invited to the dedication ceremony means that he might not have been a convicted felon sitting in a Federal penitentiary.


By the wayThe West Wing has tapped veteran newsman Forrest Sawyer to moderate Nov. 6’s "live presidential debate" between candidates Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda," the NY Post says.




West Wing quote

Admiral Fitzwallace:
 The problem with that is that what they were saying to me 50 years ago. Blacks shouldn’t serve with Whites. It would disrupt the unit. You know what? It did disrupt the unit. The unit got over it. The unit changed. I’m an admiral in the U.S. Navy and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff…Beat that with a stick.


Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks


Rosa Parks sits in the front of a bus in Montgomery, Ala., in 1956.


 The woman known as the "mother of the civil rights movement," has died. Parks turned the course of American history by refusing in 1955 to give up her seat on a bus for a white man.

In 1999, when former President Bill Clinton presented Parks with the Congressional Gold Medal, he said her short bus ride went a long way for civil rights.

Born Rosa Louise McCauley on Feb. 4, 1913, she married Raymond Parks in 1932. By the early 1950s, Rosa Parks and her now deceased husband were long-time activists in Montgomery Alabama’s chapter of the NAACP.

Parks worked as a seamstress at a local department store, and on her way home from work one day, she engaged in a simple gesture of defiance that galvanized the civil rights movement.

It was nearly 50 years ago, Dec. 1, 1955, when Parks challenged the South’s Jim Crow laws — and Montgomery’s segregated bus seating policy — by refusing to get up and give her seat to a white passenger.

When the police officer boarded the bus, Parks, who was 42, had one question for him: "I said, ‘Why do you push us around?’ He said, ‘I do not know, but the law is the law and you are under arrest.’ "

Parks’ grass roots activism had prepared her for this moment. She had attended a session the summer before at the Highlander Folk Center, the educational center for workers’ rights and racial equality in Tennessee. Several years earlier she had been thrown off a bus by the same bus driver.

There were other black women in Montgomery who were arrested in 1955 for violating the segregated busing policy. But this time, the black community fought back in force. The NAACP had been looking for a test case to challenge segregated busing and Parks agreed to let the group take her case.

Parks lost her job and had trouble finding work in Alabama after her public stance. She and her husband moved to Detroit. For many years she worked as an aide to Congressman John Conyers, and she remained a committed activist. In the 1980s, she worked in the anti-apartheid movement and also opened a career counseling center for black youth in Detroit.

She received numerous awards and in 1999, President Clinton presented her with the nation’s highest civilian honor, a Congressional Gold Medal. "We must never ever, when this ceremony is over, forget about the power of ordinary people to stand in the fire for the cause of human dignity," Clinton said.

Parks died Monday night in her Detroit home of natural causes. Her attorney said close friends were by her side.


 Excerpts from a 1992 interview with NPR’s Lynn Neary and a 2004 NPR tribute where Parks Recalls Bus Boycott


The fact that a person – one determined individual – was able to spark a revolution in society, speaks volumes about Rosa Park’s inner strength, idealism, and ultimately, her devotion to the concept of equality and fair treatment for all. I stand up and applaud Mrs Park’s efforts, and the busloads (by the millions) who have joined her aboard the "freedom train" because of her inspiring stand.


 May she rest in peace.



 Cincinnati Bengals

(October 23, 2005)

Cincinnati 13 Pittsburgh 27
The Bengals still hold a half-game lead in the AFC North after seven weeks, but the Steelers are still the team to beat in the division.

Pittsburgh scored 17 consecutive points in the third quarter, pounded the Bengals run defense for more than 200 yards and rolled to a 27-13 victory against the Bengals this afternoon at Paul Brown Stadium.

The 221 rushing yards were the most allowed by the Bengals since Baltimore had 254 in Game 3 of 2004.

The Bengals dropped to 5-2. The Steelers are 4-2.

The outcome disappointed a majority-Bengals crowd of 66,104, a new Bengals franchise record. The previous record was 65,806 on Monday night last season against Denver.

The Bengals scored their only touchdown inside the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Carson Palmer ran four yards for the score.

Pittsburgh intercepted Palmer twice in the third quarter. The first interception, by safety Chris Hope, snapped Palmer’s streak of 169 consecutive passes without an interception. He finished with a 53.8 rating.

Palmer also had his streak of nine consecutive games with 100.0-plus passer ratings snapped.

After a Jeff Reed field goal gave the Steelers a 10-6 lead, Palmer threw his second interception, a pass tipped by defensive end Kimo von Oelhoffenand caught by fellow end Aaron Smith.

Pittsburgh tailback Willie Parker covered the next 47 yards on three carries. His third run, off right tackle, went the final 37 yards for a touchdown. Linebacker Odell Thurman and safety Ifeanyi Ohalete missed tackles on the run.

At that point, the Steelers had rushed for 124 yards on 20 carries, a 6.4-yard average.

The Steelers scored another touchdown on the final play of the third quarter on a four-yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Hines Ward.

In the first half, the Bengals had the ball three times at the Steelers 21-yard line or inside, but the Bengals scored just six points.

The Bengals had a chance to take an early lead on their first possession but had more red-zone problems.

An apparent 16-yard touchdown pass to Chad Johnson was challenged by Steelers coach Bill Cowher. The touchdown was overturned because Johnson’s arm landed out of bounds, though he had a foot in.

On a second and eight from the Steelers 12, rookie wide receiver Chris Henry dropped a Palmer pass in the end zone. After another incompletion, Shayne Graham missed a field goal attempt wide left from 30 yards.

The Bengals forced a three-and-out possession by the Steelers offense. Then the Bengals went on another long drive, this one resulting in points.

Wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh, coming back after missing two games with a right hand injury, caught three passes for 46 yards on the drive. But the Bengals again failed to score a touchdown in the red zone. Palmer threw two incomplete passes before Graham was good on a 26-yard field goal.

In the first quarter, the Bengals had the ball for 10:50, but they fell behind early in the second quarter.

Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw two yards for the touchdown to tight end Heath Miller. Bengals-killer Jerome Bettis made his game debut on the drive and ran three times for 18 yards. He had just 21 attempts for 58 yards coming in. The touchdown was Roethlisberger’s eighth of the season against no interceptions.
The Steelers had to drive just 60 yards. Graham’s kickoff after the field goal rolled out of bounds, and the Steelers were given the ball at the 40-yard line, by rule.

The Bengals pulled within 7-6 when Graham made a 39-yard field goal with less than one minute remaining in the half.

WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


West Wing

Watched the West Wing on Sunday night and couldn’t believe the ending.
I just can’t believe that it was Toby.
 It just doesn’t sit right. I don’t think Toby, the idealist and conscience of the group, would do it. Especially after all the stink he made about loyalty to Will and then Josh. Not to mention his anger at the leak in one of the earlier seasons (the episode where he talks to all of the interns.) I know a lot has happened. I know he’s been on an emotional rollercoaster personally and professionally. But I just don’t buy it. I think there is some serious misdirection going on.
Or at least that’s what I hope.
Stay Tuned.
Toby Ziegler Quote:
"Yeah, they’re great.  And if somebody was hurting them, I’d drop napalm on Yellowstone to get them to stop.  Letting some prisoners out of jail wouldn’t be nothing, and I’ve known my kids for forty-five minutes"
I just found this great West Wing Wing Site.
It is The first West Wing fan site which provides extensive information about the show and allows the fans to express their thoughts about the show in our state of the art forum.