Well I didn’t love it,and I didn’t hate it.


Thought the debate itself was a "draw"…no clear "winner". Alan Alda as I expected out-acted Jimmy Smits. Jimmy Smits seemed stiff and maybe a bit nervous to me, I thought he was going to laugh a couple times. Alan Alda came off more natural I thought. Forrest Sawyer was a great touch, as was the NBC News bug.


I remember that one of the largest criticisms of the first debate was that Richie was a ridiculous characiture of a conservative republican, and that it was so utterly one-sided as to be beyond belief. They’ve gone a long way to make this election more of a jump-ball and to continue with that premise both Vinick and Santos were allowed moments to shine and to make a compelling case.


And while abandoning debate rules might make for interesting live television, that is totally unrealistic that a presidential candidate would have allowed his staff to negotiate the rules and then be so uncomfortable with it that he would abandon the rules on live television two minutes into it.


The one thing I was not thrilled about was the monologues that Ellen was giving in between the show. I’m waiting to watch a Live Debate between two presidential nominees and I have to hear rambling jokes from her 1995 tour.


C’mon NBC….You couldn’t get Kelsey Grammer!!!!


I was also disappointed that they didn’t discuss anything of relevance to the West Wing universe and didn’t advance the story line from the rest of the season.

 I was though very impressed with Santos with his closing remarks.


And now I have to wait til December 4 to get a real West Wing episode. Thank God for DVR!




West Wing Quotes:


BARTLET. We were up all night on that one, Toby. Me and Leo and Josh. They were screaming at me, “Governor, for God’s sakes, it’s got to be Toby. It’s got to be Toby.” When I held my ground, and we went to David Rosen, and Rosen said he wanted to take a partnership at Solomon Brothers, thank God… I couldn’t live without you Toby. I mean it. I’d be in the tall grass. I’d be in the weeds. I know I disappoint you sometimes. I mean, I can sense your disappointment. And I only get mad because I know you’re right a lot of the times, but you are not the kid in the class with his hand up and whatever it was you said to C.J. You are a wise and brilliant man, Toby. The other night when we were playing basketball, did you mean what you said? My demons were shouting down the better angels in my brain?

TOBY. Yes, sir. I did.

BARTLET. You think that’s what’s stopping me from greatness?

TOBY. Yes.

BARTLET. I suppose you’re right.

TOBY. Tell you what though, sir. In a battle between a President’s demons and his better angels, for the first time in a long while, I think we might just have ourselves a fair fight.


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