Warner Bros. Pictures has unveiled the official teaser trailer for Bryan Singer’s upcoming comic book adaptation, Superman Returns.
You can view the trailer here at the Official Superman Returns Website.
There are also downloads,photos and a journal by Bryan Singer(Director)
This is a sypnosis of the Teaser Trailer.
“The Planet Krypton” begins – The WB logo rolls in – fade to the Legendary Pictures logo – fade to the DC Logo. Marlon Brando voiceover – The dialogue from Superman: The Movie in the Fortress right before the scene where we see Superman for the first time. Fade in to the Kent mailbox with the incredible sky behind it.. Fade to intercuting shots of a young Clark Kent falling through the barn roof, jumping over cornfields, Daily Planet exterior shots, Lois and Clark together, Superman flying, Martha Kent walking toward the crashed spaceship, shots of the remnants of Krypton or the Fortress of Solitude… not too sure. Fade to a beautiful shot of a red/yellow lit sky and Superman flying up right in front of the sun. Crowd shots. A close up of Superman’s face as Jor-El says, “For this reason, above all, I have sent them you, my only son.” A shot of Superman in space looking at earth listening, trying to hear where the danger is and then blasting toward earth. Fade to black – Superman S/ logo fades in… fade out to RETURNS SUMMER 2006
This movie is gonna be LIVE!!!!!!

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