Dave Chappelle


So why DID Dave Chappelle walk away from that $50 million Comedy Central deal, and is he ever coming back to "Chappelle’s Show"?


Let’s hope Oprah is as tenacious in her questioning of the comedian when he appears on her show Friday February 2nd

“Dave Chappelle’s Stand-Up Special” will also feature the comic making comment on casting directors for porno flicks, and sharing thoughts on the way men and women argue.

Chappelle will also be seen on Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio” in February this season in an interview that had him so nervous that he resorted to chain-smoking through the entire exchange with host James Lipton.

The comedian stunned fans and the entertainment industry when he abruptly left during production of the third season of Chappelle’s Show. He spent two weeks in South Africa before returning home to his 65-acre farm near Yellow Springs, and then returned to standup comedy. His decision triggered reports that he had mental or drug problems, which he denied.

 On May 11, news sources (most notably Entertainment Weekly) reported that Chappelle had checked himself into a psychiatric facility in South Africa. Chappelle denies this. On May 14, Time Magazine announced that one of their reporters had interviewed Chappelle in South Africa, and the comedian said no psychiatric treatments were occurring or necessary. Chappelle reportedly went to South Africa to purify himself and to do some soul searching. Chappelle has also said he was unhappy with the direction of his show.

Chappelle’s Show is on hiatus as of December 2005 while he sorts out unspecified personal issues. Recent news has located Chappelle back in the United States, at his house in Ohio, and performing impromptu shows in Los Angeles and the Cincinnati, Ohio suburb of Newport, Kentucky. On August 3rd, co-star Charlie Murphy gave an interview to TV Guide stating that he believes that Dave Chappelle is finished with Chappelle’s Show and would not be returning.

Although Chappelle may be done with filming the show, Comedy Central has recently reported that they will release the un-aired sketches of the third season of "Chappelle’s Show" into four half hour episodes in mid-2006. A season three trailer was shown on Comedy Central during their Last Laugh ’05 and then on their website. And can also be seen on the Comedy Central Website.




Comedy Central Chappelle site



Official Dave Chappelle Site



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