The Pittsburgh Steelers made three big plays, two involving game Most Valuable Player Hines Ward, and won their fifth Super Bowl with a 21-10 victory Sunday against Seattle.

Ward caught a 43-yard touchdown pass with 8:56 remaining to give the Steelers their 11-point lead that would stand up.

The Steelers completed an unprecedented four-game, road run to a Super Bowl title as a wild-card team. After losing to the Bengals 38-31 on Dec. 4, Pittsburgh ran off four consecutive victories to earn the last AFC playoff spot.

The Steelers join the 49ers (5-0) and Cowboys (5-3) as the only NFL franchises to win five Super Bowls. The rallying cry in Pittsburgh this postseason has been, "Win one for the thumb!"

Coach Bill Cowher, who had lost his previous Super Bowl appearance, handed the Lombardi Trophy to Steelers chairman Dan Rooney.

"I’ve waited a long time to do this – Mr. Rooney, this is yours," Cowher said, adding, "I can’t be happier for him and the city of Pittsburgh."

In the playoffs, the Steelers went on the road to defeat the Bengals, Colts and Broncos (the top three AFC seeds) then made the most of their opportunities against the Seahawks, who were the No. 1 NFC seed, to win Super Bowl XL.



Instead of it being one of the best Super Bowls , it was terrible, because of the officiating.

The play where the Seahawk caught the ball, made a football move, and fumbled, was a fumble. Seattle fumbled. Referees missed it. Bad call. The touchdown by Seattle that was called back, ridiculous each player reached out and touched each other simultaneously, terrible pass interference call, terrible. Should have been called a touch down, since it was a touch down. But the capper of the entire game was the amazing defensive play that stopped Ben on the goal line, no score, Ben laying on the ground, Ben reaches back and takes the ball and puts it over the goal line after the play is over, it was completely unacceptable. What is going on? One of the best games potentially, ever. Very evenly matched teams and yet it turning quickly into the worst football game I have ever seen.

The National Football League owes the country an apology. When 75% of the people polled on CNNSI say Ben did not score. CNN poll how will the game be remembered 35% Poor Officiating. We have a couple of 40 year old guys running around trying to make heads or tales of the game. The NFL should be ashamed that they are living in 1960 as far a officiating goes. Shameful worst than any regular season game, worse than any playoff game.

If the Janet Jackson Super Bowl is remembered for her wardrobe and not the excellent good game that was played, this game will be the Worst Officiated Game in the history of organized sports.

I can’t imagine winning a superbowl ring and bragging about a win when it happened like this.

I am very disappointed with The National Football League!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The commercials were pretty lame. Except for a couple of beer commercials and the FedEx one.


Along the same vein, if any bigwig marketing execs are listening….

PLEASE don’t put Diddy in any more Superbowl commercials!!!!!!

Brown and Bubbly?….WHATEVER!!!!


Burger King back in the bowl after an 11-year absence, the fast food maker put on an elaborate, Ziegfeld follies-esque show with show girls dressed up as burger ingredients. Memorable, but should anyone have to suffer the fate of dressing up as mayonnaise?



Amber Bock, a brand of Michelob, harkened back to a classic Super Bowl spot featuring Terry Tate as an "office linebacker." A game of touch football goes awry when a petite female player is floored by a vicious tackle, but she gets her due later in a bar with a decidedly late hit.


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