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Lisa Tucker becomes the third ‘American Idol 5’ finalist eliminated

American Idol voted out the third of its fifth season finalists during last night’s live results show, with Lisa Tucker, a 16-year-old from Anaheim, CA, being eliminated from the Fox reality talent competition as a result of receiving the fewest home viewer votes.

Lisa had entertained the show’s audience by singing original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson’s "Because of You" ballad during Tuesday’s "Song of the 21st Century" themed performance show. Idol judge Simon Cowell wasn’t a fan of the performance. "The truth is Lisa that the song was too big for your voice," Simon had told Lisa on Tuesday. "There were parts during the performance where it was actually painful."

Unlike’s last week’s results show which had featured no major surprises among the week’s bottom three vote-getters, this week’s threesome featured two. While Lisa’s inclusion in the bottom three was widely expected given she had also ranked in the bottom three during each of the finals’ first two weeks, the inclusions of Ace Young, a 25-year-old Los Angeles resident that had oddsmakers had initially deemed the competition’s favorite, and Katharine McPhee, a 21-year-old from nearby Sherman Oaks, CA, were surprising.

Ace had performed Train’s "Drops Of Jupiter" during Tuesday night’s show. Like Lisa, Ace’s song choice also disappointed Idol’s judges. In addition, the judges were also unimpressed with his off-pitch performance, "Once again, completely the wrong song for you and you didn’t sing it well," Randy Jackson had remarked after Ace’s Tuesday performance.

However unlike Lisa and Ace, the judges had enjoyed Katharine’s performance of Christina Aguilera’s "The Voice Within," making her inclusion in the week’s bottom three the night’s biggest surprise. "It was almost — almost — as good as Christina’s," Simon had gushed after Katharine sang, terming it the best performance of the night.

After keeping all three contestants in suspense through a commercial break, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest revealed that Ace had finished as the week’s third lowest vote-getter, leaving Lisa and Katharine to face elimination alone.

Having already been part of the two previous weeks’ bottom three, Lisa seemed resigned to her fate. "It’s OK… whatever happens, happens, I’m happy with the decision," she told Ryan seconds before her elimination was announced. "This has been the experience of a lifetime and I wouldn’t change it for anything," the 16-year-old added after her fate was revealed.

Next week will see another of Idol’s finalists eliminated, with the nine remaining contestants once again taking to the stage during Tuesday’s 8PM ET/PT performance show and later learning their fate during Wednesday’s 9:00-9:30PM ET/PT live results show.





The Year of Superman Website


 Warner Brothers have launched a new website about one of my favorite superheros.  The Official Warner Bros. site details events and DVD releases planned for the Superman franchise in 2006, featuring trailers and a brief history about all Superman movies, TV shows, and comic books.

The website is called ‘The Year of Superman’. Warner Home Video is releasing the vast majority of the Superman film and televion library to DVD – including a 14-Disc Ultimate Edition box set!

The site contains these destinations:



HOME VIDEO :You can also watch a new Superman Franchise Trailer 




The third installment in the saga of Peter Parker, put-upon photographer, and his quest to live up to the great responsibility that comes with his great power.

May 4th, 2007

A new image of Spiderman 3 has been released. Showing a dark Spidey


James Cromwell has joined the cast of Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man 3 as Captain Stacy, the father of Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Gwen. In the "Amazing Spider-Man" comic books, Stacy dies a heroic death as he saves a child during a battle between Spider-Man and another supervillain. Peter Parker love interest Gwen Stacy (Howard) ends up blaming Spider-Man for her father’s death.

Cromwell joins returning cast members Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco as well as Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church and Theresa Russell. Sam Raimi is directing. Cromwell is best known for starring in the "Babe" movies, the first of which earned him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor, and as a villain in "L.A. Confidential." His recent role on "Six Feet Under" earned him an Emmy mention in 2003.






Next week’s promo–amazingly happy and sad.


Liked Josh and Santos at the end. Reminded me of Leo sitting Jed down in Proportional Reponse. Santos was due for a big blowup/meltdown, and I liked how they showed it all coming together. The details were just right. I also liked the way Josh handled it later. He’s really matured and you can see it in how he sets the Congressman down. He’s not at Leo standing, but he’s getting there.

The kid throwing up was so predictable.

Laughed at the women at the beginning. Annabeth singing about Leo.


They still have hats–though Oriole ones.

I’m so glad it didn’t turn into The Bon Jovi Show, as suggested by the promos, and instead worked by integrating him into the campaign here and there. When it all comes down to it, though, he was marginalized to the point where I had no idea why he was guest-starring. Except to show Lou drooling.

If Richard Schiff does not win SOMETHING for being Toby…well…I’ll have to write a letter or something. Good acting transcends writing. Great acting transcends everything!

Can’t wait for next week and the election results…it looks like an amazing episode.

BUT, also kinda sad because as every new episode of the West Wing comes I know its one more until the very end!!!

I hope each and every episode is awesome….can’t wait to see Bartlet again!

and Sam Seaborn!!!



Promo For Next Week’s "West Wing" Episode



Josh: "Toby, what do you say about a government that goes out if its way to protect even citizens that try to destroy it?"
Toby: "God bless America."





Kevin Covais booted off American Idol


The American Idol sing-off is down to 10.

Kevin Covais, a 16-year-old from Levittown, N.Y., was cast out Wednesday night in voting by viewers. His earnest rendition of When I Fall in Love on Tuesday’s program pulled at the heartstrings of judge Paula Abdul, who said he had "more moxy than most people I’ve met in my entire life."

After Wednesday’s vote, host Ryan Seacrest – though he has compared Covais to the bespectacled cartoon character Chicken Little – lamented: "What are we going to do without you?"

Covais earned the affection of the show’s female singers, while often drawing the ire of cantankerous judge Simon Cowell, who has complained his performances appealed mostly to the "granny vote."

Dodging elimination were Lisa Tucker and Bucky Covington, who had the next-lowest vote tallies. It was the second time Tucker has been among the bottom three vote-getters in the weekly contest.

Tucker, 16, failed to impress judges Tuesday with her perky performance of Why Do Fools Fall in Love? Cowell called her performance "cutesy" and said he felt "trapped in a high school musical."

Cowell also criticized the 28-year-old Covington’s take on Buddy Holly’s rockabilly hit Oh, Boy!, deriding his rendition as "nothing more than a pointless karoake performance."

Wednesday’s elimination show featured a performance by Barry Manilow, who sang the retro standard Love Is a Many Splendored Thing from his new record, The Greatest Songs of the Fifties.

Manilow was also this week’s celebrity coach, helping Idols fine-tune their performances.

More than three years after its debut, American Idol remains a ratings power.

Seacrest said on Wednesday’s show viewers had cast 35 million online votes to determine the contestants’ fates.

The final Idol will be crowned May 24.



There is a newly published book called "Mr Sorkin Goes to Washington " by Melissa Crawley discussing how the American presidency is presented on "The West Wing".


This book is currently available on Amazon.


Book Description

Before the unprecedented televised presidential debates of 1960, most Americans were able to relate to their leaders in little more than an historical context. In the era of televised elections, however, the media have allowed Americans to witness the paternal, moral and intellectual qualities of their president up close. Television has been so critical to this process of political socialization that, for many Americans, the televised image of the president is the president.

As the acclaimed television drama The West Wing demonstrates, fictional representations of the presidency can also be significant civic forces. This book examines how film and television drama contribute to shaping the presidency and the way most Americans understand it, and particularly the processes of political education. The text discusses The West Wing’s didactic potential, its representation of White House politics, and its depiction of race and gender, with commentary on how fictional representations of the presidency become important elements of American political consciousness.

About the Author

Melissa Crawley is the Lingnan Foundation Teaching Scholar in Cultural Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong where she lectures in media and cultural studies.





Melissa McGhee forgot the words to her song on Tuesday’s "American Idol" — on Wednesday she paid the price. McGhee, who stumbled with some of the lyrics in an otherwise smooth rendition of Stevie Wonder’s "Lately," became the first of the final dozen to be voted off the top-rated Fox show.


Still, cranky judge Simon Cowell praised the 21-year-old Tampa, Fla., native, calling her performance "edgy" and "strong."

"In my opinion, this was your best performance so far," Cowell said on Tuesday’s program.

McGhee seemed reconciled to her fate. When host Ryan Seacrest asked if she predicted she would get the boot, she nodded, saying, "Yeah."

Just barely escaping viewer-elimination were Ace Young and Lisa Tucker, who had the next lowest vote tallies.

Tucker, a 16-year-old velvet-voiced crooner, had wowed judges on Tuesday with her rousing rendition of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered."

Young, who looks the part with long locks and blue eyes, drew sympathy from judge Paula Abdul, who shook her head about the vote count, saying, "I don’t get it."

The 25-year-old Denver native had performed Wonder’s "Do I Do," and politely soaked up Cowell’s criticism that his performance was "manic."

Wednesday’s elimination show featured a performance by Wonder, who sang a single, "My Love is on Fire," from his new record, "A Time to Love." In Tuesday’s sing-off, contestants performed Wonder’s hits in a tribute to the Grammy-winning artist.

More than three years after its debut, "American Idol" continues to be a ratings phenomenon, attracting between 25 million and 30-plus million viewers per telecast this season.

Host Ryan Seacrest said on Wednesday’s program that viewers called in more than 32 million votes to determine the top hopefuls.

The final 12 contestants, along with 12 others who made it to the elimination rounds, were chosen by judges Cowell, Abdul and Randy Jackson from thousands of aspiring singers at casting calls around the country.

The final Idol will be named May 24.


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