Get excited folks. While the number of remaining West Wing episodes is getting smaller, the cast just got a whole lot bigger. Unlike ABC and Alias, it seems that NBC actually cares about giving The West Wing a proper send-off.


Most notably, Rob Lowe will return as Sam Seaborn for the final two episodes.



Also set to reprise their roles.


Mary-Louise Parker (Amy Gardner)

Anna Deavere Smith (Nancy McNally)

Emily Proctor (Ainsley Hayes)

Marlee Matlin (Joey Lucas)

Gary Cole (VP Bob Russell)

Tim Matheson (Ex-VP John Hoynes)

Timothy Busfield (Danny Concanon)

Annabeth Gish (Elizabeth Bartlet Westin)


Promo for Next "West Wing" Episodes  


Here you can watch a promo for "The West Wing’s" final episodes announcing the returns of Sam, Joey and Amy. Note however that those clips are from previous seasons and are mixed with clips from the current season.






Sam: I love Josh like a brother, and he’s a world-class political mind, but until today I didn’t know he was smarter than I was. I’ve worked here three years and eight months, and until you sit in the room all day, you can’t comprehend the chaos of the Oval Office. I had one good moment talking about the global ripple effect of a budget deficit, but that was it. The rest of the day was just keeping up. And this was a pretty light day.

Mallory: One good moment is good.

Sam: Oh, I’m not complaining. One good moment is great. It’s a golf shot. I gotta get back in there. That’s where it’s happening. (pause) You came by just to tell me you liked the speech?

Mallory: "This is a time for American heroes, and we reach for the stars…"? I’m weak.

Sam: Yeah, I think I stole that from Camelot.


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