Next week’s promo–amazingly happy and sad.


Liked Josh and Santos at the end. Reminded me of Leo sitting Jed down in Proportional Reponse. Santos was due for a big blowup/meltdown, and I liked how they showed it all coming together. The details were just right. I also liked the way Josh handled it later. He’s really matured and you can see it in how he sets the Congressman down. He’s not at Leo standing, but he’s getting there.

The kid throwing up was so predictable.

Laughed at the women at the beginning. Annabeth singing about Leo.


They still have hats–though Oriole ones.

I’m so glad it didn’t turn into The Bon Jovi Show, as suggested by the promos, and instead worked by integrating him into the campaign here and there. When it all comes down to it, though, he was marginalized to the point where I had no idea why he was guest-starring. Except to show Lou drooling.

If Richard Schiff does not win SOMETHING for being Toby…well…I’ll have to write a letter or something. Good acting transcends writing. Great acting transcends everything!

Can’t wait for next week and the election results…it looks like an amazing episode.

BUT, also kinda sad because as every new episode of the West Wing comes I know its one more until the very end!!!

I hope each and every episode is awesome….can’t wait to see Bartlet again!

and Sam Seaborn!!!



Promo For Next Week’s "West Wing" Episode





Josh: "Toby, what do you say about a government that goes out if its way to protect even citizens that try to destroy it?"
Toby: "God bless America."

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