What I liked:

The whole exchange between Sam and Josh was great

The second before the Sam reveal I was totally thinking to myself, this reminds me a lot of that scene in “In Search of Two Gunmen.”

It was not the old Sam Seaborn, but 4 years later, he wouldn’t be the same no matter what he was doing in the interim. But the fact that we still knew it was Sam is what makes me smile, because that’s what Rob does, make us believe that Sam means what he says. Sam clearly was paying attention, even if he wasn’t in the Santos campaign circus.

Lou waiting in the hallway for much of the episode. Her talk about "having a life."

The only thing that was missing was a scene with Donna and Sam.

Line of the night: "If it didn’t involve a motorcade, I’d drive you to the airport myself."

Very best part of an awesome episode: John Spencer still in the credits!

Next Episode:

The Last Hurrah

While Santos is busy trying to select a new vice president, his wife finds her new responsibilities staggering.


So sad it’s going to end, thank goodness for Bravo and DVDs.


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