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Superman Returns – Newest Trailers 


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Following a mysterious absence of several years, Superman comes back to Earth, but things have changed.



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Entourage – The Complete First Two Seasons (2004)

June 6, 2006.

Starring Adrien Grenier, Kevin Connally, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, and Jeremy Piven, Entourage Seasons 1 and 2 follow the lives of hot young actor Vince Chase and his posse of friends from the old neighborhood as they maneuver and strut through the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Season 1 was eight episodes of junk food goodness. We were introduced to Vince, Eric, and the crew, and Vince’s agent extraordinaire Ari, as well as a never ending sucession of beautiful women. The boys are styling and living large, the women are drop dead beautiful and available, and the LA night life and movie premieres fill their days and nights. This show packs a visual orgy of celebrity glitz and glamour. The writing is clever and the wit varies between sarcastic and sophomoric, but overall the show entertains everyone, because deep down we all want a little taste of the Hollywood life. Eight episodes of this new and entertaining show wasn’t enough to satisfy, but HBO wisely picked up Season 2 for a twelve episode run.

Season 2 kicked off a year of drama and instability for Vince and his crew. After coming back from the making of indie movie Queens Boulevard, Vince discovers that offers are drying up as fast as his bank account. Aquaman, a big budget James Cameron movie, could be the big money payday that both Ari and Vince need, if Ari can get the offer and Vince decides to take it. Eric is torn between his friendship with Vince and his desire to be a real manager, not to mention between his girlfriend Kristen and a Perfect 10 model. Turtle learns that Eric’s old job isn’t as glam as it seemed, while Drama discovers that calf implants may be the ticket back to stardom. Even Laker games, beach parties at Jamie Pressly’s house, and hitting the slopes at Sundance, can’t hide the fact that things are getting tense: Ari is making a play to start his own agency that may land him on the street, Eric may lose his job by being a good manager, and Vince gets bowled over by the love of his life and new Aquaman co-star Mandy Moore.

Twenty half-hour episodes in 2 seasons isn’t nearly enough, but Entourage is one of those shows that you have to have in your collection. Season 2 showed the possibilities of where the plots can go for a full season, and thankfully HBO decided to expand Entourage to a full 22-episodes for year 3. The box set extras are standard, and the price is a bit high for both sets, but HBO always gives you a bang for the buck. Recommended.

– A.G. Gorwin

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