Superman Returns’

Stays Solid on Opening Weekend

Dormant for 19 years, Superman relaunched on the big screen at a time when superheroes and super-inflated opening grosses run rampant in theaters, and, while his reception was much softer than newer men in tights like Spider-Man and X-Men, he hovered slightly above the debut of Batman’s reboot last summer.

Swooping onto about 8,200 screens at 4,065 locations, Warner Bros.’ Superman Returns rocketed to an estimated $84.7 million in five days, selling about as many tickets initially as the first X-Men, which was also directed by Bryan Singer. Included in the tally was $5 million from 76 IMAX theaters, the highest-grossing IMAX opening on record, eclipsing Batman Begins’ $3.1 million.

Among recent Independence Day starts, the Man of Steel’s estimated $52.6 million weekend trailed War of the Worlds’ $64.9 million last year and Spider-Man 2’s $88.2 million in 2004 but was ahead of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’ $44 million in 2003. Fellow Warner Bros. and DC Comics revival, Batman Begins, grabbed $48.7 million in its first weekend and ultimately grossed $205.3 million.




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