From fantasy to nightmare. From top of the list to bottom of the barrel. That’s the distance that our two fellas — Vince and Eric — traveled in the space between last week’s and this week’s installments of Entourage. The mop-headed pretty boy was the star of a $100 million-plus-grossing superhero franchise; now he’s being called the Terrell Owens of Hollywood. Eric lived out a male fantasy with a stunning female duo; now he’s having to deal with the decidedly un-romantic emotional fallout.

Of course, the one who really screwed up is Vince, yet he’s cruising around in their SUV — a new addition to the fleet, I think — like he’s a teenager on a July afternoon. Not a freakin’ care in the world. Compared with Vince’s dilemma, Eric’s seems far less pressing — blonde or brunette? — yet he’s sweaty, anxious, nervous, self-doubting, and wrecked with angst. That dichotomy really highlights the chasm in Hollywood between the on-screen talent and the behind-the-scenes brains. And it’s the reason why Vince’s character keeps getting more and more annoying — though actor Adrian Grenier keeps improving — as this season goes on. Vince has his good qualities: He’s honest, relatively ethical, extremely loyal, and a solid friend. He’s also a smarmy, entitled brat with crappy judgment who coasts by on looks. If he was my client, I’d cut off his starlet supply until he went back to kiss Warner Bros.’ ass to get Aquaman 2 back.

As for Eric, as Vince says, he’s a good Catholic boy. Maybe too good. His fretting and sweating over the snuggle/cuddle/spoon incident seemed a bit overwrought, at least for any Hollywood millionaire-in-the-making who has to chose between the lithe blonde who sheds her top in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (Tori, played by Malin Akerman) or the lithe brunette whom Usher wooed in In the Mix (Sloan, played by Emmanuelle Chriqui). Man, what a tough life. Would any red-blooded male be so stressed about this? Eric’s rabbit-in-the-headlights morning-after freakout, Tori-stalking, fake illness, and then that passive-aggressive 5:20 a.m. confrontation with Tori all felt like the actions of an ineffectual wet blanket. Maybe E will get his mojo back for next week.

In terms of actual plot development this week, there wasn’t much. Ari’s suave manhandling of Terrence and the real estate scheme show that he’s still got world domination on his mind — also, we learned that raw office space is a big turn-on for Mr. Super Agent. Terrence seemed a whole lot less scary than weaselly, baby-faced agent Adam Davies, who is trying to make a career out of being a cowardly snitch. I see a simple solution to this problem: Stick the Dom-inator on him!

A few lingering questions: Will Eric’s infatuation with Tori mean the end of his relationship with Sloan? Will Ari give in to Davies’ demands? Will Vince get another role? Did Seth Green sleep with Sloan? Because he seemed a bit too familiar with her…

Michael Endelman


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