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Airdate: April 22, 2007
Amanda needs an answer on the period film, but Vince won’t commit to any other project until the cameras are actually rolling on ‘Medellin.’ Amanda persists, so Vince has the crew read the script to get everybody’s opinion. Unfortunately, the script is so dry that nobody can get through it, leading Vince to realize that the project isn’t right for him after all.
Back at Miller Gold, Barbara demands that Ari fire an inept agent, but Ari can’t bring himself to lower the ax – usually one of his favorite tasks. Ari’s couples- therapist postulates that he’s feeling emasculated by losing Vince as a client. Ari dismisses the theory and storms back to the agency to cut the dead weight off the Miller Gold payroll – but wimps out again. In a full-blown identity crisis, Ari tracks down his therapist on the golf course, and she helps him reconnect with his inner anger, allowing him to return to work, fire the agent and reclaim his Ari Gold swagger.
Amanda makes one last attempt to attach Vince to the period film, demanding that he and E join her for a dinner meeting. Infuriated to hear that Vince is officially passing, she asks if Ari is responsible for the change of heart. Vince denies it, and Amanda insists that going forward, they be completely honest with each other. The new honesty policy is immediately invoked when Amanda and Vince admit their mutual attraction and get together for a hookup
Airdate: April 29, 2007
Vince and Amanda are still glowing in their post-hookup bliss, but they resolve to continue on with their professional relationship as if nothing had happened. The pair aren’t very good at hiding their attraction, and E quickly realizes what is going on. Concerned about what the situation will do to Vince, E lets Amanda know how he feels about the affair.
Pauly Shore has a new hidden camera show, "Gotcha," and word gets to Drama that he’s going to be surprised by a filmed prank. So when Drama has a run-in with UFC Champion Chuck Liddell later that day, he assumes it’s part of the show and plays it up for the imagined cameras by getting tough with the MMA superstar. Liddell is about to drop Drama, when fate intervenes and Drama is spared. Unfortunately, the real "Gotcha" involves a troop of money-grubbing girl scouts and Drama realizes that he’s now on Chuck Liddell’s hit list for real.
Ari’s college buddy Scott comes to visit, and Mrs. Ari is not happy about it. She has always found him to be boorish, but when he arrives at the house, he’s far more civil than before and he even has a beautiful fiancee in tow. Scott is also wildly rich due to a dotcom deal that earned him $65M, and Ari finds himself jealous of his friend. To try and bring back the old Scott, Ari begins acting like a frat boy towards Scott’s fiancee, offending her and cutting the reunion short.
To try and smooth things over with Liddell, the crew go to a fundraiser that he’s putting on for underprivileged kids. But the Iceman isn’t fooled and challenges Drama to step into the octagon to settle things. Liddell demands that Drama fall to his knees and beg for mercy, an option that Drama quickly opts for. Just as the beating is about to begin, the Iceman quietly whispers "Gotcha."
Airdate: May 6, 2007
It’s Yom Kippur, and while Ari attempts to gain forgiveness for his sins, he runs into ‘Medellin’ co-producer Nick Rubenstein at his temple. Nick drops the bomb that the biopic is back in play and that they’d like Vince to step in. The only issue? The studio needs an answer from Vince before sundown – and coordinating a deal on the high holy day won’t be easy. Ari contacts Amanda, and she agrees in principle to the deal, but Nick’s offering half Vince’s usual quote. Amanda hesitates to work with Ari on coming to terms, and the crew begins to suspect that she’s trying to sabotage the deal for some unknown personal reason.
To take their minds off work, Vince and his crew lay down their troubles – and their wallets – at the track. Drama’s "lock" of a horse finishes as an also-ran, and Vince’s brother cringes at the thought of "King" being done away with due to his lack of speed. To save King, Drama purchases the horse, giving him a new home on Vince’s front lawn. Unfortunately, Drama soon realizes that boarding a horse is wildly expensive, losing thousands of dollars to food and the required permits. After King takes a brief trip outside Vince’s gates, Drama gets a few hefty fines and realizes he has to give up his horse. But, instead of sending him to the glue factory, Drama passes King off to Ed Burns as a "gift" for Ed’s kids.
As the deadline for ‘Medellin’ approaches, Eric makes the call to track down Ari and finish the deal, bypassing Amanda entirely. Eric and Vince think they’ve locked things up, but after all the delays, the project is officially off the table for Vince. Believing Amanda mishandled the situation and cost him his dream project Vince confronts her over dinner. She explains that Nick Rubenstein was the one who actually killed the project by constantly hounding the EP on the holiest of days. Vince is embarrassed by the truth, but he’s even more shocked when Amanda walks away, dropping him both as a client and as a boyfriend.
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