Besides serving up an incredible episode that included fighting, negotiations, sabotage, flamboyance, and tons of legal marijuana, HBO followed Entourage up with a great trailer for the show’s upcoming film, Medellin.

Better yet, the trailer ended with an official website for this not-so-real film.

Medellin Trailer and Site

From writer/director Billy Walsh (Queens Boulevard, Grand Jury Award, Sundance Film Festival) comes Medellin, the story of the most ruthless drug dealer in the history of the world. Set against the backdrop of the 80s cocaine craze Medellin is the story of Pablo Escobar (Vincent Chase): the legend and the man. Born to a teacher and peasant in a Colombian village, it was clear from a young age that Pablo Escobar had appetites beyond what his small town could provide — including a penchant for young women such as the village beauty played by newcomer Leili Cochoco.

In an epic tour de force, Medellin tells the unvarnished story of the man Forbes Magazine once named the seventh-richest man in the world — and the blood he shed to get there. Taking on small-time dealers, drug cartels, Colombian and U.S. government forces, Pablo Escobar built the powerful Cartel de Medellín, leaving countless enemies in his wake. Escobar offered only two choices for those who stood in his way — bribery or death. And yet, the man suspected of assassinating presidential candidates, bombing Avianca Flight 203 and providing cocaine to 80 percent of the world’s cocaine market, seemed to be above the law.

Vincent Chase, as you’ve never seen him before, reveals the human side of the monster, and Medellin explores why this charismatic murderer and drug kingpin also had many followers. A Colombian Robin Hood, building cathedrals, homes and football stadiums for the poor in the small towns like the one he came from, Escobar’s fans sought to protect him with the same dedication that his enemies reserved for retribution.

Facing extradition to the United States, Escobar builds himself a palatial prison, agreeing to a five-year sentence. But when he finds out his government intends to move him, Escobar escapes La Catedral. His escape triggers an all-out man hunt, and in a heart-pounding climax, it takes US Delta Forces, NAVY SEALS, the Colombian army and the vigilante group Los Pepes to bring him down.

Reviled by millions, mourned by his people, Pablo Escobar stirs passions to this day. Medellin traces the life, lusts and complexities of Colombia’s most notorious citizen.


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