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  1. I can’t believe you got the trailer for this.  I’m curious about this movie even though he is not my favorite of the marvel bunch. It looks promising.  I guess by the short snippet I saw of Terrance Howard he must playing James Rhodes? I heard they are not going to mention his battle with alcoholism.  I still have on VHS tapes some episodes I recorded of the Ironman cartoon series that was part of the Marvel Action Hour (w/Fantastic Four) from the 90s that I watch whenever every now and then.  There were only two seasons but the first season had awful animation but in the second season the animation studio was changed, which was a big improvement, however the storyline with the Mandarin was to confusing to follow. I guess they haven’t released it on DVD yet and will probably wait until the movie comes out to make it available, like they did with the Fantastic Four.

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