John Legend has included this song on the set of his "Show Me" tour.

It is one of my favorite Beatle’s songs.


5 time Grammy award winner, Legend started the "Show Me Campaign" after being motivated and inspired by Jeffrey Sachs‘ book "The End of Poverty". John Legend had already written a beautiful song called "Show Me" which charts a conversation with God about the State of the world and the individual’s place in it. These simple things form the founding principles for the "Show Me Campaign" which was launched as a platform to contribute to the betterment of the world.

The mission of the "Show Me Campaign" is to fight economic and spiritual poverty through fostering sustainable development (personal, social, educational, economic) at the individual, family and small community levels. The Show Me Campaign is a grassroot movement that engages all of its participants as agents of transformative change from the bottom up.

The Show Me Campaign operates from a basic principle of thoughtful action versus mere words and calls on all of us to commit to making a difference in this world. We see power of individuals working in concert toward tangible ends and believe that we all have responsibilities to address the issues that imperil our collective human future.


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  1. I heard of this campaign he is behind.  Seems like it a worthy effort. 

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