The Lost Season 4 Preview Is Here!

Well, we still have to wait until February to launch into the fourth season of Lost , but at least have something to whet our appetites.

This 30-second preview isn’t particularly extensive, but there are definitely some intriguing glimpses. There are some vague references to the Losties getting saved and a highly dramatic assertion from Ben that everyone on the island "will be killed," and then a series of images flash quickly on the screen. Some of these are extremely interesting, such as a glimpse of Charlie (probably a flashback, but still), and a shot of a knife sticking out of someone’s back.


Posted on December 16, 2007, in Television and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I never understood the appeal of this show, and it’s actually going towards its 4th season?  Wow.  Maybe it’s worth a look, but, I doubt that it’s for me.  Peace.

  2. I am like blackstarr, I have never gotten into this show, even thought it featured some cast mates from my favorite show OZ, like my man who played  Adebisi and that dude in the wheelchair.  I know they said this is one of those show you have to stay on top of or you will never get the story.  

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