Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indy’s Back – Amazing New Photos and Special Feature

Vanity Fair is back with an ever so wonderful and enormous Indiana Jones 4 five-page feature “Keys to the Kingdom”, containing quotes, interviews and news, but most importantly – new behind the scenes pictures, including our first ever glimpse of Cate Blanchett in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Make sure you don’t miss the 4 page Question and Answer session with Steven Spielberg, the George Lucas Q & A session and the behind the scenes of the photoshoot video.

This is a great photo on the set of The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.



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  1. Always an adventure and a sure-fire winner.  Peace.

  2. Do you think they will have "pre-quels" for Indiana Jones if this movie is successful? –

  3. I love Indy. I wondering the same thing, will the franchise might do a Star Wars and try pre-quels to keep the franchise going or after Harrison Ford is officially done restart the franchise with a new person for the role?

  4. I really liked this series of films…I’m glad they’ve made a new one.  It’s sure to be a grand adventure.  Moe: Thanks for stopping by my space and for the compliment. You have a great space too! Peace, Styln;)

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