ESPN Heroes

ESPN took to three of the biggest NBA players and turned them into classic Marvel superheroes. The cover the the upcoming magazine features Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Kevin Durant as Iron Man, Captain America and Thor respectively.


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  1. Lebron as Cap ‘n America? Nah, nah, Cap’n is a true team player and a leader, Lebron aka Lefraud is not.
    Nice to see Disney’s purchase of Marvel is paying off with cross ties with their other businesses, i.e. ESPN.
    Good find, though.
    who is kevin durant?

  2. I agree about the Lebron remark. I do like the Iron Man arm on Kobe though. That’s pretty tight!

    Kevin Durant plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is regarded as the the 3rd best player in the league.

    Disney is gonna milk the characters of Marvel for a long, long time (LOL)

  3. See that shows I have not been watching the NBA for a while, when did Oklahoma get a team? Dang, where have I been?

  4. The Oklahoma City Thunder used to be the Seattle Supersonics and they relocated in 2008 to Oklahoma City.

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