Conan O’Brien

Conan’s tweet tonight:

Just tried on my suit for tomorrow’s premiere. I have twelve hours to lose 35 pounds.



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  1. will talk post-show…can’t wait…gigitty…

  2. I’m really psyched for it. I meant to post this earlier but got sidetracked. Thanks for reminding me. peace

    can’t wait either..

  3. dude, conan was pretty good. Liked the opening….awww c’mon-lol. I didn’t know he was a musician now that I have seen his last show on the tonight show and his first show here. I see he kept the bear skit.
    Team Coco

  4. To quote the great Carson: That was Funny Funny stufff !

    Team Coco

  5. And the numbers are in…Conan seems to have won the night among the other late show hosts on his debut. Congrats Mr. O’Brien, congrats.

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