Bobby Tillman

Bobby Tillman the 18 year old who was beaten to death last weekend while dozens of people just watched, at a house party in Georgia, has been laid to rest today.

A portrait of Bobby Tillman, the 18-year-old who was stomped to death in a random act of violence over the weekend, is surrounded by classmates and friends during a vigil Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010, in Douglasville, Ga.

I just found out that hours before he was beat to death, Bobby attended a play at a church. The theme was TEEN-AGE BULLYING.

Tillman’s mom Monique Rezaida said her son wanted to be a good person. She relayed his words at a gathering earlier this week, as she encouraged the crowd to follow his lead.

“Bobby told me, ‘Mom, it’s OK to live right,’ ” she said.

“You have the promise of a good life,” she told the audience. “All you have to do is live right.”

She said young people must learn from what happened and stop the bullying.

“You deserve a good life,” she said. “My son deserved a good life.”

Once again I didn’t know this young man but this incident has struck a chord with me. This young man didn’t have to die. My thoughts go out to Bobby’s mom, the rest of his family, and friends.

RIP Bobby Tillman 1992-2010



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  1. Just something that struck me…did you realize that Bobby Tillman’s middle name was Maurice?

  2. Ok that one took me for a loop. No I did not. Thanks for sharing.

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