Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Teaser Trailer

In 1969, the Apollo 11 moon landing mission ventures onto the far side of the moon for a top-secret mission. For the next twenty-one minutes, they document the wreck of a Cybertronian spacecraft with no survivors, confirming that mankind is not alone in the universe. Forty years later, the secrets of that mission are uncovered.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is set to be released on July 1, 2011 in 3D.

And you can bet I will be there…..3D glasses and all that.


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  1. hmmm…a conspiracy of the apollo missions…intriguing indeed. That robot featured looks like I have seen him somewhere in the cartoons from the 80s before. I just can’t put a name on him.

  2. My guess is that it’s either Omega Supreme or Unicron.

    My gut says that it is Omega though.

  3. the movie in the 80s had some character that eats other planets, is that Unicron or Omega Supreme?

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