Jay-Z Interview at the Brooklyn Museum

An hour with Jay-Z from the Brooklyn Museum

On an episode of PBS’ “Charlie Rose” that premiered Wednesday, the Brooklyn icon chatted it up with the veteran journalist, and once again Jay-Z drew laughter with his wry jokes and entertained with his engaging conversation. With Beyoncé, his mother and other family members seated in the front row, Jay-Z held court on an array of topics, including Tupac Shakur, his arrest for stabbing a record executive and his drug-dealing past.

The program was taped at the Brooklyn Museum last month, when Jay-Z was in full promotional mode for his “Decoded” book.

My favorite part of the interview is when he corrects Charlie Rose on the pronunciation of the name “Tupac”

You can watch the entire interview here.



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  1. hmmm is it 2pac like “2 pack(s)” of sodas or “2 pahk”?

  2. I think it’s 2 packs. You were right the first time! LOL

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