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Man Of Steel

Henry Cavill, the star of Showtime’s The Tudors, has been cast as iconic superhero Superman in a film to be directed by Zack Snyder, Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures confirmed in a statement Jan. 30.

“In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be a part of his return to the big screen,” Snyder said. “I also join Warner Bros., Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and ‘S’ shield.”

Cavill will be seen later this year playing Greek warrior Theseus in director Tarsem Singh’s action picture Immortals, and opposite Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver in the thriller The Cold Light of Day.

The 27-year-old actor was reportedly on the shortlist for Superman Returns when McG was to direct it, but when Bryan Singer took over the project he went with Brandon Routh instead.

Box Office 1/30/2011

New Line/Warner Bros.’ Anthony Hopkins exorcism pic The Rite opened on the lower end of expectations, but still won the weekend box office race with an estimated gross of $15 million from 2,985 locations.

Paramount and Spyglass’ romantic comedy No Strings Attached held better than expected, coming in No. 2 and grossing an estimated $13.7 million from 3,022 theaters for a cume of $39.7 million in its first 10 days, according to Rentrak. Showing reaffirms Portman’s present star status.

CBS Films’ action remake The Mechanic, the weekend’s other new entry, tied with Sony holdover The Green Hornet for No. 3, each grossing $11.5 million. That pushes Hornet’s domestic cume to $78.8 million in its third weekend.

Speech, scoring 12 Oscar noms, grossed $11.1 million as it expanded into 2,553 theaters for a cume of $72.2 million. Film, a crossover hit, is now even playing in small towns that don’t usually get specialized fare.

Oscar’s allure was felt offshore as well. Overseas, Speech took in another $6.3 million in the U.K. and $2.1 million in Australia and New Zealand for a foreign cume of at least $60 million and worldwide total of more than $132 million.

In the U.S., Paramount’s True Grit showed a zero decline from the previous weekend, unusual for a film well into its run. The Western, receiving 10 Oscar nods, grossed an estimated $7.6 million from 3,120 theaters for a cume of $148.4 million. Grit placed No. 6.

Internationally, True Grit made its first foreign debut in Australia, where it opened to a stellar $2.3 million from 197 locations for Paramount (Paramount also has rights to King’s Speech in Aussie). That was 200% ahead of the opening for No Country for Old Men, also from the Coen brothers.

Coming in No. 8 at the domestic box office, Fox Searchlight’s awards frontrunner Black Swanwas down only 13% from the previous weekend to jump the $90 million mark on its way to $100 million. Pic grossed an estimated $5.1 million from 2,315 theaters for a cume of $90.7 million.

Swan enjoyed a strong second outing overseas, where it grossed $11.4 million in the U.K., Australia and Germany (pic was up 10% in Germany). Swan’sforeign cume is $29.1 million for a worldwide total of $119.8 million.

Paramount’s The Fighter also benefited from its top Oscar nods, coming in No. 9 at the domestic box office and dipping a slim 5% from the previous weekend. Film grossed an estimated $4.1 million from 1,914 theaters for a cume of $78.4 million.

Searchlight used top Oscar nominations for 127 Hours to relaunch the film. Hours came in No. 14 as it expanded from 69 to 916 theaters, grossing a so-so $1.1 million for a cume of $13.4 million.

TMNT – Fight The Foot

Here’s a brief short film that’s making the rounds on the internet, in which a seriously dedicated TMNT fan decides he’s not willing to wait for the new film being developed by Platinum Dunes.

He wants to see a re-imagined early encounter between April O’Neil and the mutated ninja turtle Raphael right now.

When I saw this the first thing I thought of was TMNT – Dark Knight style. Pretty cool.


Yesterday, Warner Bros. Animation released an official look at the Thundercats that will be shown on The Cartoon Network and, today, series producer Ethan Spaulding spoke with MTV Splashpage about some of the details of the new show.

In addition to acknowledging that the new series will play up the anime roots of the Thundercats, Spaulding discussed updating the characters. Tygra, specifically, he singled out as having an updated backstory.

“The consensus was that he was the boring guy of the old show,” he explains, “so we wanted to make him more interesting and gave him another dimension. But don’t worry — he still has the whip.”

Other updates include making Lion-O younger and Panthro older, though Spaulding promises that all changes will be organic to the new storyline. What’s more, we will be seeing Snarf, WilyKit and WilyKat, though it may be some time before they’re unveiled.

Read the whole interview at the MTV Splash Page.

83rd Anuual Academy Award Nominations

A film about a stuttering British monarch, a movie about the founder of Facebook, a sci-fi thriller and a John Wayne classic remake topped the list of movies honored with Oscar nominations announced Tuesday.

“The King’s Speech,” about Britain’s King George VI, gathered 12 nominations, including for best picture and in three of the four acting categories.

“True Grit,” based on the same book as the 1969 John Wayne film, was nominated 10 times, including for Jeff Bridges for best actor, Hailee Steinfeld for best supporting actress and in the best movie competition.

“The Social Network,” which told the story of how a college student created Facebook, is up for Academy Awards in eight categories, including best picture and Jesse Eisenberg’s nomination for best actor.

“Inception,” a film that explores the human mind and dreams, got eight nominations, including for best picture.

The nominees for best picture are “The Social Network,” “The King’s Speech,” “The Fighter,” “True Grit,” “Black Swan,” “The Kids Are All Right,” “Inception,” “Toy Story 3,” “127 Hours” and “Winter’s Bone.”

The best actor nominees are Javier Barden, who starred in “Bitutiful,” Bridges for “True Grit,” Eisenberg for “The Social Network,” Colin Firth for “The King’s Speech” and James Franco for “127 Hours.”

The best actress nominees are Annette Bening for “The Kids Are Alright,” Nicole Kidman for “Rabbit Hole,” Jennifer Lawrence for “Winter’s Bone,” Natalie Portman for “Black Swan” and Michelle Williams for “Blue Valentine.”

“What an extraordinary journey this film has taken me on,” Nicole Kidman said. “‘Rabbit Hole’ has been a labor of love and I’m so thankful to John Cameron Mitchell, David Lindsay-Abaire and the brilliant cast. This nomination reflects all of the heart and soul that these people have put into it, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Nominees for best supporting actress are Amy Adams for “The Fighter,” Helena Bonham Carter for “The King’s Speech,” Melissa Leo for “The Fighter,” Hailee Steinfeld for “True Grit” and Jacki Weaver in “Animal Kingdom.”

Best supporting actor nominees include Christian Bale for “The Fighter,” John Hawkes for “Winter’s Bone,” Jeremy Renner for “The Town,” Mark Ruffalo for “The Kids Are All Right” and Geoffrey Rush in “The King’s Speech.”

Australian actor Rush learned about his best supporting actor nomination after performing in a stage play in Sydney, Australia. “Suddenly at the end they gave us this roaring standing ovation,” Rush said.

“This story has struck such a rich, resonant chord with audiences of all ages, which is very exciting,” Rush said. “To have your work honored by your industry peers is even better.”

“Inception,” a film that explores the human mind and dreams, was nominated for eight Oscars, mostly in the technical categores.

Other best movie contenders that received multiple nominations include “The Fighter” with seven, “127 Hours” with six, and “Black Swan” with five.

“The Kids Are All Right,” “Toy Story 3” and “Winter’s Bone” each received four Oscar nominations.

Super Bowl XLV

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