Yesterday, Warner Bros. Animation released an official look at the Thundercats that will be shown on The Cartoon Network and, today, series producer Ethan Spaulding spoke with MTV Splashpage about some of the details of the new show.

In addition to acknowledging that the new series will play up the anime roots of the Thundercats, Spaulding discussed updating the characters. Tygra, specifically, he singled out as having an updated backstory.

“The consensus was that he was the boring guy of the old show,” he explains, “so we wanted to make him more interesting and gave him another dimension. But don’t worry — he still has the whip.”

Other updates include making Lion-O younger and Panthro older, though Spaulding promises that all changes will be organic to the new storyline. What’s more, we will be seeing Snarf, WilyKit and WilyKat, though it may be some time before they’re unveiled.

Read the whole interview at the MTV Splash Page.

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  1. thunder, thunder, thundercats HOOOOOOOOOOO! Yeah, I have been following this story recently. I wasn’t sure if it was a movie or a series coming out but now I see it is the latter. This was my show back in the day between He Man, G.I. Joe, Transformers and Voltron man it was a good time to be a kid. I wonder what they are going to do with Mum-ra?

  2. This was my show back in the day too. I drove my mother nuts with the theme song.

    I have no idea what they are doing with Mum-Ra, but I’m telling you that if they screw this up I will be pissed beyond belief. This is one franchise you don’t mess with.


  3. did you catch the premier? I know you probably dvr’d it, tell me what you think…

  4. I did Dvr it but I haven’t seen it yet.

    Hopefully I will check it out sometime this weekend. I’ll tell you what I think.


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