Michael Rosenbaum Back for Series Finale: ‘I’m Doing It For the Fans’

The small-screen Superman mythos just breathed an enormous sigh of relief.

After nearly a year of will-he-or-won’t-he speculation, Michael Rosenbaum has inked a deal to reprise his role as Smallville‘s Lex Luthor in the two-hour season finale airing May 13, TVLine has learned.

“I’m delighted to return for the series finale,” Rosenbaum tells TVLine exclusively. “I’m simply doing it for all of the fans out there who made Smallville the great success it is. I appreciate all of their passion, their relentlessness, and even their threats. Ha ha.”

The actor continues, “I can’t wait to hug the old crew back in Vancouver one last time and see all of my old friends once again. Oh, and for Lex to become the bad-ass he’s destined to be.”

Executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson say of Rosenbaum’s encore, “It feels like the stars are aligning, literally. We couldn’t be more excited. And as far as the way he returns… there’ll be no doubt about how Lex becomes the great rival in Clark Kent’s life. He is the villain of the story.”

Rosenbaum’s return was considered by many to be the missing piece of the show’s 10th final run, which has welcomed back alums such as John Schneider and Annette O’Toole (as Jonathan and Martha Kent) and John Glover (Lionel Luthor), and later this season Laura Vandervoort (Kara/Supergirl) and Callum Blue (Zod).

But having Lex back in the flesh given the series’ wrap-up and a season-long storyline strongly hinting at the supervillain’s return seemed almost imperative. At the time that Smallville‘s final season was announced, series star/exec producer Tom Welling expressed that he would “definitely” like to have Rosenbaum back, saying, “With Clark propelled into being Superman, how do you do it without a Lex Luthor? That just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Rosenbaum last appeared on Smallville in May 2008, for the Season 7 finale. Prior to his encore as Lex, he next can be seen in a recurring role on the Fox comedy Breaking In, which premieres April 6.


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  1. I gotta like this…Luther is back. Should make an epic finale all that much better. I’ll bet some of these crazed smallville fans did threaten him to return, tho. -lol

  2. Originally he wasn’t coming back, but I’m betting his people read the message boards when it was announced he wasn’t and caved in.

    I can’t wait for the finale.


  3. I’m just now getting back to watching this before the Finale appears…I saw last night’s episode “kent”. Man did I miss alot. Is Tess really a luther?
    Then I re-watched Superman-returns on the FX network today. I know the movie was panned by many but I liked it for some odd reason. That fight scene with Lex just gets me, seeing the man of steel get beat up like that. I’m looking forward to the reboot, though.
    Can’t wait to see how smallville ends and I am looking forward to seeing Lex return.

  4. Just got done watching last nights Smallville.

    This was one of the first glimpses that I saw Welling act well. He did a great job as Clark Luthor, and as always Schneider always delivers.

    I wasn’t thrilled with the CGI in this episode at all. I mean c’mon, It’s the last season guys, step up your game!

    I dam near had chills when they showed that promo for the finale. All I could think of was Reeve.

    I occasionally look at the special edition blu-ray editions of the Reeve films and I have the Blu-ray of Superman Returns, which I thought was Ok. The whole kid angle pissed me off though, but when he goes into the hospital and the suit is on the chair. Talk about a money shot.

    And yes Tess is a Luthor.

    Later bruh.


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