Miami Heat

To the Miami Heat. 2012 NBA Champions



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  1. I wouldn’t think you (a ohioian) would want to give this brother props after the stunt he pulled to get to the Heat. I say good for him but I have to ask will we see a 3 peat a la the Bulls, lakers, etc? Time will tell…

  2. To me there is no logical reason not to give LeBron or the rest of the team props.

    Cleveland could have had this ring if they had surrounded LeBron with some good teammates. 7 years was long enough to spend in Cleveland with no help. Cleveland can’t blame LeBron for wanting to progress. It wasn’t happening in Cleveland.

    He has been a model citizen, model father, and model teammate.

    Yes, he made a PR blunder by following the advice of ESPN and his people…but people tend to forget that in the process he raised a big chunk of cash for the Boys & Girls club in one night.

    I give mad props for anyone that can through what he did, and prove them wrong.

    By the way even though I love sports as much as I do, there is only one team that I have ever rooted for in my life, and that’s the Cincinnati Reds. Any other sports team that is successful, I applaud, and sometimes recognize, but that’s it.

    PS: Go Reds


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