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Aaron Sorkin is back….Boom


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  1. I don’t have HBO, so I wll have to wait for it come out on dvd or something. But I am a big fan of news anchors like Ted Koppel and the like. You know those news reporters to don’t give you the fluff but the real nitty gritty and if this series gives an insight into how they do what they do behind the scenes than more power to them. I have read some reviews and they all seem to like the like the show.

  2. It’s a great show so far. I love the writing, acting, and the directing. I’m hoping that they keep this show around for a long time, plus I am a huge Aaron Sorkin fan, so anytime I get to hear his writing through any actor, it’s a good thing. Periodically I will post some videos that I like from the show. I am hoping to post the very first scene from the show as well. It’s brilliant.


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