Who is Miles Morales?

The talented folks over at RobotUnderDog have just released the first episode in a fan made adaption of the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.

Who is Miles Morales? is the opening chapter to director Wes Armstrong’s Ultimate Spider-Man fan film. Playing the role of Miles Morales was Devin White, who did a great job, in my opinion of playing Spidey.

According to the video description, “Part 1 of our Miles Morales live action series – This is a brief introduction to Miles and a preview of the new powers he will have as Spiderman. Coming episodes will show how he transitions into being Spiderman and of course will feature some of the villains he will have to face.

Here are the other links to RobotUnderDog:

RobotUnderDog is actually trying to raise enough funds to further develop the project into an ongoing webseries and all those interested in helping them out can donate funds here.


Thanks to my good friend ChocolateMatters for the heads up.


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  1. I think the series has potential, if they can get the proper funds in place who knows? Maybe all those who are are disgruntled over the lastest spiderman pic will help them out.

  2. I hope so. That’s why I decided to add the links. I was impressed with what I saw so far.

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