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Box Office: ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Lights Up Theaters With $161 Million Domestic

USA Today

Dear USA Today:

If a cast is all white, it’s a movie, If it’s all black, it’s a “race-themed” movie?

I’ve been reading your newspaper since 1988.

Today that ends.

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Box Office: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Reigns Supreme With $38.5 Mil, Despite Hearty ‘Holiday’

Disney’s Maleficent

Disney has released the first trailer for “Maleficent”—the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the 1959 classic “Sleeping Beauty.”

The movie stars Angelina Jolie as the pointy-headed villain and in the trailer; you see and hear the wicked character for the first time.

The live-action film retells the story of “Sleeping Beauty” from the perspective of the iconic female villain and reveals the events that hardened Maleficent’s heart and drove her to curse the baby, Aurora.

The film also stars Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple and Lesley Manville.

“Maleficent” opens in theaters on May 30, 2014.

Batkid saves the day in San Francisco

Global News

ABOVE: Batkid saves Giants mascot Lou Seal

San Francisco transformed into Gotham City Friday as thousands of volunteers came together to help fulfill the wish of a five-year-old leukemia patient who dreamed of being ‘Batkid’ for a day.

WATCH: Thousands cheer on Batkid at rally after he saves Gotham City

[tp_video id=970894]

Batkid, also known as mild-mannered Miles Scott, spent the day running around San Francisco fighting crime thanks to volunteers from the Make-A-Wish foundation that included help from the mayor, police, and local politicians.

During his day of fighting crime Batkid managed to save a damsel -in-distress, stop The Riddler from robbing a bank, and rescued the San Francico Giants’ beloved mascot Lou Seal from the clutches of the evil Penguin

Here are some heartwarming photos from Batkid’s day of fighting crime

Obama thanks Batkid for saving Gotham

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Box Office: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Strikes Big With $180 Mil Worldwide

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