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The Newsroom Season 3: Copier Tease (HBO)

The final episodes of The Newsroom premiere in November, only on HBO.

The Newsroom

Here is the teaser trailer for “The Newsroom Season 1: The Weeks ahead”

The Newsroom

This is the series opening theme for “The Newsroom” It is arguably in my opinion, one of the best TV themes ever. It was composed by Thomas Newman, who is a composer and conductor, best known for his many film scores. Newman has composed music for other television shows as well, including theme music for the series Boston Public and the miniseries Angels in America. His theme music for the television show Six Feet Under won two Grammy Awards in 2003, for Best Instrumental Composition as well as Best Instrumental Arrangement.

I could listen to this music all day. Brilliant piece of music.

The Newsroom

NPR Fresh Air: Aaron Sorkin: The Writer Behind ‘The Newsroom

NPR Interviewer Terry Gross spoke to Aaron Sorkin on NPR’S “Fresh Air” about “The Newsroom” and other topics . And while Gross boldly declares herself an actual fan of “The Newsroom”, she doesn’t hold back from lobbing the same criticisms most people have been shouting at your TV since the show debuted.


Interview Highlights

On writing about journalism
“I like writing idealistically and romantically, and if you can do that in a place that’s usually looked at cynically — the way journalism is now — you can get something fun out of it.”

On talking like his characters
“I haven’t met anyone who can. When I write these things, I’m alone in a room for a very long time, and I get to rewrite them, and I get to think for a long time about what’s going to be said. If I get on a roll, then I can write a conversation like that without stopping, but I can’t do it when talking to a real person, like you. That’s not who I am in real life.”

On his influences
“I’ve been influenced by so many writers, just the fact that the dialogue has to sound like something, whether it’s Mamet or Pinter or Eugene O’Neill and Tennessee Williams. I like writing things that are fun to say.”

On the walk and talk
“Television is a visual medium. You have to create some kind of visual interest. And it’s entertainment for your eyes.”

You can listen to the “Fresh Air” interview by clicking on the NPR pic.

The Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin is back….Boom




I was thinking of this episode the other day and had to look up my favorite scene entitled "The butterball hotline" on You Tube.

Loved this scene and this epidode and wish Bravo would bring it back.

 It is the day before Thanksgiving and the President is talking turkey to whoever will listen (and everyone must). He is being very boring in his endless descriptions of how to cook and stuff a turkey. He is also rather disgruntled that the family must spend Thanksgiving at Camp David, rather than his New Hampshire farm. Although he has told Bruno he and the family are "off limits," Bruno lays it on the line for him that they have to be accessible to the voters. Meanwhile, two Native Americans are encamped in the lobby. They’ve been stood up by the official who was supposed to meet with them and they aren’t about to leave. CJ is told to make the problem go away. She was all set for the weekend, and is initially dismissive of them — a young, articulate woman and an older man. Eventually, however, she warms to their cause and promises action on several issues. Leo refuses to see them as they are camped in the lobby, and CJ comes up with a compromise to which they finally agree. Josh is busy with a juvenile who shot his teacher, and who was assisted by his parents to escape to Rome. Now, Josh needs to get him extradited but the Italians are not keen on returning him to Georgia as it is a state that has the death sentence. The President finally calls the "Butterball Hotline" as there seems to be a query over the actual stuffing of the turkey. When he finally gets through, he pretends to be someone from North Dakota. 



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