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Batkid saves the day in San Francisco

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ABOVE: Batkid saves Giants mascot Lou Seal

San Francisco transformed into Gotham City Friday as thousands of volunteers came together to help fulfill the wish of a five-year-old leukemia patient who dreamed of being ‘Batkid’ for a day.

WATCH: Thousands cheer on Batkid at rally after he saves Gotham City

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Batkid, also known as mild-mannered Miles Scott, spent the day running around San Francisco fighting crime thanks to volunteers from the Make-A-Wish foundation that included help from the mayor, police, and local politicians.

During his day of fighting crime Batkid managed to save a damsel -in-distress, stop The Riddler from robbing a bank, and rescued the San Francico Giants’ beloved mascot Lou Seal from the clutches of the evil Penguin

Here are some heartwarming photos from Batkid’s day of fighting crime

Obama thanks Batkid for saving Gotham

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Batman:Year One

Batman: Year One is a 2011 animated superhero film based on the four-issue story arc Batman: Year One printed in 1987.

It dropped in stores in DVD and Blu Ray on October 18th

The film stars Bryan Cranston, Ben McKenzie and Eliza Dushku.

Batman: Year One follows Lt. James Gordon arriving in Gotham City after an unfortunate career-derailing incident in Chicago where he turned in a corrupt cop. Gordon is already defeated and cynical, and he sees his stint in Gotham as being condemned to hell on Earth. But he’s still determined to be a good cop, and not to join in the corruption around him. Meanwhile, a young Bruce Wayne comes back to Gotham after years away and is determined to do something about the criminal elites that killed his parents.

It follows both characters over the course of a year — Bruce Wayne trying to fight crime in a simpler disguise, before hitting on the Batman identity, and then getting hunted by the cops. And Gordon, becoming a father, while getting more and more at odds with the corrupt cops, including the Police Commissioner. Wayne has a mission, that he pursues single-mindedly, but life for Gordon is much more complex — he wants to do the right thing by his wife and kid, and he already knows what happens to cops who turn against their own.

Here is the trailer for Batman:Year One

The Dark Knight Rises

And so it begins……

The Dark Knight Rises

Chris Nolan is Excited to Be Working on Batman’s ‘Last Chapter’

“I feel very glad that I’m doing another Batman film. I think it would have been daunting to sit down and write an original script after Inception. I love working within the realm and rules of our Batman world. It’s kind of nice to have someplace to go that I’m super-excited about.” He added that Inception’s success allows him to tackle another Batman without any sense of needing to prove himself: “I must say that I’m glad — I’m very, very glad — to be embarking on the last chapter of our Batman saga without any sense of obligation or duty to the studio. They did very well with Inception. So I’m able to go into finishing our story in a very enthusiastic way.”
-Chris Nolan

Batman:The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan reveals title of third Batman film and that ‘it won’t be the Riddler’

Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film will be called “The Dark Knight Rises” and though the Gotham City auteur isn’t ready to reveal the villain of his 2012 film, he did eliminate one of the big contenders: “It won’t be the Riddler,” Nolan said in an exclusive interview with Hero Complex.

Nolan was most eager to talk about the fact that Warner Bros. had agreed with his argument that the film should resist the current 3-D craze and instead use high-definition approaches and IMAX cameras to strike out on a different cinematic path than the stereoscopic technology that, for better or worse, has become the dominant conversation in the blockbuster sector.

As for the title, it shows the writer-director’s intention to keep his Bruce Wayne trilogy tightly stitched together. “We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones,” Nolan said cryptically. I had an odd thought: What if Nolan somehow brings back Harvey Dent? The only reason I even mention it is because, back during post-production on the second film, Nolan told me that the title “The Dark Knight” was just as much about Dent and his fall from the status of shining-knight civic crusader. Dent was plainly dead at the end of the last film, though, and Nolan has been intent on keeping his Gotham City film firmly rooted in a gritty gangland realism– this isn’t a franchise that has veered off into the supernatural or even much super-science.

Nolan plays things close to the vest — he’s one of the few filmmakers of his generation who actually does wear a vest — and he chuckled when I tried to get a few more details out of him. “Oh, you know me, I don’t talk.” He began our conversation by comparing it with a visit to the dentist’s office. Well, if so, he’s a patient who never opens wide. I asked if he could imagine a time when Warner Bros. would let a filmmaker shoot a Batman script where the villain isn’t one of the signature creations from the comic books. “Ah, Geoff Boucher, master of the leading question,” he said with a chuckle.

That’s when he did agree, however, to eliminate a villain candidate, namely Edward Nigma, the green-suited Riddler, who many people (myself included) assumed was the next natural choice. That character could be taken in a lot of directions — think of Kevin Spacey’s character in “Seven” as a compass point for one of those dark paths — but Nolan and his team are going a different way. As with “Dark Knight,” the new film has a script written by Nolan and his brother, Jonah, and it’s based on a story by the director and David Goyer. Earlier, I got Nolan to take Mr. Freeze off the list and, yes, this is like pulling teeth but don’t think for a minute that I mind. Nolan makes sublime films, and any secrets he wants to keep in place are done so to protect the final product. As for me, I’m hoping now for Hugo Strange who, come to think of it, looks a bit like a dentist…

– Geoff Boucher






On July 8th Warner Bros. and DC Comics will be releasing the animated film Batman: Gotham Knight on DVD. The movie will actually be six interlocking stories that will build up to the theatrical release of The Dark Knight. This little animated feature will actually be done using anime sensibilities. So picture what they did with The Animatrix and you have Batman: Gotham Knight.

The preview below is really interesting and they talk alot about the stories involved. Including some insight into each of the deadly villains that Batman will be facing off against.

Check it out below.

Episode Outlines

Have I Got A Story For You

A History of Violence screenwriter Josh Olson tells the story of how chance encounters with Batman by a group of youngsters leave each kid with a very different impression of the Dark Knight.

Producers – Eiko Tanaka and Bruce Timm. Director – Shojiro Nishimi Writer – Josh Olson

The Dark Knight

Acclaimed novelist/comics writer Greg Rucka tell the story of Gotham City police having to get over their distrust of Batman, while under fire from the mob.

Producers – Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and Bruce Timm. Director – Futoshi Higashide Writer – Greg Rucka

Field Test

Writer John Goldberg showcases the incredible high-tech arsenal Batman commands and reveals that there are some things even Batman won’t do in his pursuit for justice.

Producers – Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and Bruce Timm Director – Hiroshi Morioka Writer – Josh Goldberg

In Darkness Dwells

Batman ventures into the Gotham sewers to face ‘Killer Croc’ a deformed thug who seems even monstrous after The Scarecrow returns with his fear toxin in this story by David S. Goyer, co. screenwriter of Batman Begins.

Producers – Masao Maruyama and Bruce Timm Director – Yasuhhiro Aoki Writer – David S. Goyer

Working Through Pain

Award-winning comics writer Brian Azzarello explores an early chapter in Bruce Wayne’s training, showing how a mysterious and exotic Indian woman named Cassandra introduced Batman to techniques that would help him to conquer the physical and spiritual consequences of his actions.

Producers – Eiko Tanaka and Bruce Timm Director – Toshiyuki Kubooka Writer – Brian Azzarello


Alan Burnett–one of the most acclaimed writers on the Emmy Award-winning, Batman: The Animated Series–ties together threads, as Batman must thwart an unerring assassin whose love of guns and disregard for human life lets him cross lines that even a Dark Knight won’t traverse.

Producers – Masao Maruyama and Bruce Timm Director – Yoshiaki Kawajiri Writer – Alan Burnett


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