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The Captains of the Final Frontier – Star Trek

The Bio channel is going to be airing an original Star Trek documentary that focuses on the various starship captains that we have come to know and love in the several TV series and movies over the last several years. The 2-hour doc is called The Captains of the Final Frontier, and it should end up being a great documentary that Star Trek fan will be able to enjoy.

The doc will premiere on the Bio Channel November 3rd at 9PM Eastern.

Here’s the Press Release with all of the details:

STAR TREK is the most influential science fiction television series of all time. In the 44 years since its inception, Star Trek has spanned six series and 11 movies, indisputably paving the way for every science fiction series that has followed. What began as a cult following, stands today as a worldwide phenomenon that only grows stronger and more widespread with each iteration. With its most recent blockbuster film breaking all previous franchise box office records, it’s clear the STAR TREK buzz has never been louder!

And at the center of it all stand the fearless captains of each STAR TREK generation: a class of iconic characters whose leadership and choices changed the course of their own universe forever. So in the next 2 hours, The Captains of the Final Frontier a show for Trekkies, Trekkers and the casual observer alike is riding shotgun on the incredible triumphs and epic dark moments of the most legendary captains in Starfleet’s history, one by one, and comparing them against each other as leaders and lovers.

Taking a hard look at the creation, background and history of these captains, this show will delve into their development and examine the evolution of the role of CAPTAIN itself, as it progressed with each consecutive series and film. We’ve assembled and incredible cast of experts from creators and directors, episode writers, novelists and Star Trek actors to bring the story behind the story to life they’ll reveal how these characters came to be, who was up for the roles and will compare their styles across the leadership spectrum.

This cast of experts will not only bring new perspective to the onscreen action, but will be the ultimate source for revealing the dramatic decisions that were made everywhere from the writers room to the screen…and beyond. So step onto that transporter, because we’re boldly going where no show has gone before, taking a telescopic view of the most powerful men and women in the STAR TREK universe.

Prepare to engage…this is The Captains of the Final Frontier.

The Captains of the Final Frontier premieres Wednesday, November 03 at 9 pm (ET) on the Bio Channel.


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