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25 Years Later: Jimmy Jam on New Edition’s Best Ever

25 Years Later: Jimmy Jam on New Edition’s Best Ever
By Chris Williams on November 10, 2013

Jimmy Jam Revisits the Making of New Edition’s Heart Break Album

By the end of the 1980s, New Edition had experienced numerous musical triumphs, lineup substitutions, and financial setbacks. After releasing platinum selling albums Candy Girl (1983) and All for Love (1985), multi-platinum selling New Edition (1984), and gold selling Under the Blue Moon (1986), they would launch themselves into another realm of superstardom with their next effort. On June 20th, 1988, Heart Break was released by MCA Records and it became they’re fifth highly successful album within the decade. The record would spawn five singles, including the hits “If It Isn’t Love,” “You’re Not My Kind of Girl,” “Can You Stand the Rain,” “Crucial,” and “N.E. Heartbreak.”

Behind the boards during recording were the titanic producing tandem of James “Jimmy Jam” Harris III and Terry Lewis. They played an integral role in the success of the album through their incorporation of groundbreaking production techniques. Heart Break encapsulated the maturity of the group both in their sound and appeal. As a result, it became the highest selling album for the group to date. For the album’s 25th anniversary, Chris Williams spoke with Harris about recording this classic record.

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