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Entourage Season 6




With Anna Faris’s boyfriend out of the picture, E can finally get to work with his new client, but after the manager spends more than an hour chatting on the phone with her, the guys question how much pleasure he’s mixing with his business. There’s not much time to discuss it, though, because the crew’s about to catch a flight to Cannes for the film festival, and a red-level terror alert has all but shuttered LAX. While Ari fumes at the airport and tries to pacify his wife (who he booted from the trip at the last minute), Walsh asks E to arrange a lunch with Anna so he can cast her in ‘Silo.’ Out of her depth with Walsh’s bizarre script – not to mention personality – Anna puts E in the tough position of deciding whether she should work on a movie he wishes Vince hadn’t picked up in the first place. When the airport closes down and cancels all flights, it doesn’t look like the guys will be able to make it to France in time for the ‘Medellin’ premiere.

Ari, now fending off a Cannes-envious Lloyd in addition to talking his wife down from a punitive spending spree, arrives late to the Hollywood rush for private jets after LAX closes. Desperate to fly his guys to Cannes, Ari calls Sydney Pollack and manages to pack five of the six onto the filmmaker’s plane. E, on the other hand, gets shot down when he finally admits to Anna that – in addition to having a crush on her – he thinks she should pass on ‘Silo.’ In light of his conflicting interests, the actress sends E packing, but when he gets to the Van Nuys airport, it turns out Ari’s math skills don’t measure up. Even without Lloyd and Mrs. Ari, the guys tip the scales past what Pollack’s pilot will allow. Vince decides it’s all or nothing and passes on the flight. As the group turns to leave the terminal, Kanye West and his entourage roll up, granting the LAX refugees seats on his 727. From the tarmac, Ari calls his wife, apologizing for leaving her behind and explaining that he just wanted to have a guys-only adventure. Mrs. Ari, surrounded by a room full of designer purchases, forgives him and tells him to enjoy his trip with the boys. Voila!

The coast of Cannes buzzes with celebrity arrivals and the promise of a big pay day for Vince (not to mention some anonymous French sex for Drama and Turtle), and when the crew’s once-prospective financier, Prince Yair, offers to buy ‘Medellin’ sight-unseen for $35 million, it appears both objectives may be satisfied. Ari worries that the prince’s distribution can’t support the film, but when chief investor Nicky Rubenstein catches wind of the offer in L.A., he orders Ari to meet with Yair. At a lavish party his boat, the prince talks business with the filmmakers, while Drama and Turtle enjoy the entertainment. The elder Chase meets a beautiful girl named Jacqueline – apparently ‘Viking Quest’ is huge in France – but when he takes her back to the hotel, the manager kicks him out for throwing a fit over his modest room. Unable to reconnect with his newfound love, Drama wanders the beaches in search of her, ending up back at Yair’s party, where the prince offers him a place to crash.

Ari’s search for a ‘Medellin’ buyer gets off to a strong start. A few key deceptions – appearing at a party with Harvey Weingard and spreading disinformation through Lloyd’s network of gay assistants – bait Dana Gordon into making an offer, but it falls short of Yair’s sum. Vince and E level with her in hopes of landing a legitimate studio, offering to leave their money on the hook if she can cover Nicky’s investment. The deal lasts for about five minutes, until Yair catches wind of it and offers $75 million directly to Nicky. Unable to argue with cash like that, Vince and company are all smiles as they follow the red carpet into their premiere. When Drama hears Jacqueline scream from the crowd, he scoops her up and carries her off to the beach to consummate their relationship on the sand. Vince doesn’t get so lucky with the screening of ‘Medellin.’ The crowd’s boos at the end of the film give way to a diatribe by Walsh, and Yair immediately backs out of the deal. With nowhere left to turn, Ari accepts a backhanded offer of one dollar from Harvey Weingard, banking on the studio head’s financial savvy to dig them out of the hole.



Snow Job
About to start his first day on the job with Anna Faris, E wants to make sure Vince is ok with his taking on a second client. "I just ask you to make sure my career attention doesn’t suffer," the star tells him, but Vince also worries that E’s crush on the actress could cause problems. When E arrives on the set of her photo shoot, her boyfriend, Dave, definitely gets in the way – because he shoots his mouth off constantly, micromanaging Anna’s career into the ground. E tries to sneak away to check the vitals on Vince’s ‘Lost in the Clouds’ deal, but every time he walks down the driveway to get a cell signal, some catastrophe erupts with Dave on the set. When E explains he’s getting in the photographer’s way, the boyfriend eventually tears off in his Mustang, leaving E and Anna to work.

Ari’s newest client, Walsh, also causes headaches when he turns in a script for ‘Lost in the Clouds’ without running it by the agent. It doesn’t help that Walsh has renamed the film ‘Silo’ and written a blanket departure from the book. Dana Gordon makes it through 12 pages before demanding Ari pull his client into line. Walsh, of course, refuses to cooperate and fires Ari before the agent can dump him. Unable to catch E on his cell, Ari calls Vince for help, but when the actor peruses ‘Silo’ he discovers its brilliance. In a risky game of hardball, Ari walks the script in to Dana’s boss and tells him he can either produce this ready-made summer hit or explain to his investors how ‘Lost in the Clouds’ collapsed into a debacle. Ari doesn’t earn any friends with the power play, but ‘Silo’ receives a green light. Back at Anna’s shoot Dave returns in a fury, openly accusing E of trying to steal his girl. Finally fed up, Anna breaks up with Dave on the spot, sending him away before finishing her work. E returns home from the set to find Ari, Walsh and the boys toasting to the new project. Cluelessly flipping through the ‘Silo’ script, he asks the guys, "Where’s the snow?"

Vince’s ‘Lost in the Clouds’ cash has landed the crew in new digs, a $30k-per-month rental in the hills, but while E struggles to locate the place, actress Anna Faris rear-ends his Aston-Martin. When he gets back to the house, E tells the guys that he and Anna had "a moment" when she gave him her phone number – too bad the digits turn out to be off the mark. Turtle suffers a disappointment as well, announcing that his favorite strain of marijuana has gone extinct. Vince promises to share his stash of the dwindling weed, which Turtle nearly loses during a traffic stop later that afternoon as he returns from the supermarket with some random hotties. E manages to track down his own lady, using a star map to find Anna’s house and finally acquiring her insurance info. He drives her to a meeting – her car fared worse than his in the accident – and when she insists on his opinion about a script she’s attached herself to, E wins her over with an honest assessment of its flaws.

At the Gold house, Ari’s spotlighting a few flaws doesn’t go over so well. A producer from ‘The Young and the Restless’ calls to ask Mrs. Ari to reprise her role as Kendall Scott, and Ari tries to dissuade her by warning, "You left the show when you were 25, and they shoot in High Def now." Karma comes back around to bite him, though, when he learns his wife will be making out with a hot young Latino named Javier on the show. Ari bribes the young actor with a future in film, but when Javier shies away from kissing Mrs. Ari, she seizes him in a lip-lock. Later, she explains to Ari that all she really wanted was for him to think she’s still sexy. "You’re the beautiful mother of my children," he tells her as he throws her on the bed.

E thinks he’s en route to some star-studded romance himself when Anna calls to set a dinner date. He meets her, but it turns out she already has a boyfriend and wants to hire E as her manager. When E gets back to the house, Drama taunts him for thinking he had a shot with a celebrity, and all Vince can say is, "She wants you to be her manager? Interesting…"



Besides serving up an incredible episode that included fighting, negotiations, sabotage, flamboyance, and tons of legal marijuana, HBO followed Entourage up with a great trailer for the show’s upcoming film, Medellin.

Better yet, the trailer ended with an official website for this not-so-real film.

Medellin Trailer and Site

From writer/director Billy Walsh (Queens Boulevard, Grand Jury Award, Sundance Film Festival) comes Medellin, the story of the most ruthless drug dealer in the history of the world. Set against the backdrop of the 80s cocaine craze Medellin is the story of Pablo Escobar (Vincent Chase): the legend and the man. Born to a teacher and peasant in a Colombian village, it was clear from a young age that Pablo Escobar had appetites beyond what his small town could provide — including a penchant for young women such as the village beauty played by newcomer Leili Cochoco.

In an epic tour de force, Medellin tells the unvarnished story of the man Forbes Magazine once named the seventh-richest man in the world — and the blood he shed to get there. Taking on small-time dealers, drug cartels, Colombian and U.S. government forces, Pablo Escobar built the powerful Cartel de Medellín, leaving countless enemies in his wake. Escobar offered only two choices for those who stood in his way — bribery or death. And yet, the man suspected of assassinating presidential candidates, bombing Avianca Flight 203 and providing cocaine to 80 percent of the world’s cocaine market, seemed to be above the law.

Vincent Chase, as you’ve never seen him before, reveals the human side of the monster, and Medellin explores why this charismatic murderer and drug kingpin also had many followers. A Colombian Robin Hood, building cathedrals, homes and football stadiums for the poor in the small towns like the one he came from, Escobar’s fans sought to protect him with the same dedication that his enemies reserved for retribution.

Facing extradition to the United States, Escobar builds himself a palatial prison, agreeing to a five-year sentence. But when he finds out his government intends to move him, Escobar escapes La Catedral. His escape triggers an all-out man hunt, and in a heart-pounding climax, it takes US Delta Forces, NAVY SEALS, the Colombian army and the vigilante group Los Pepes to bring him down.

Reviled by millions, mourned by his people, Pablo Escobar stirs passions to this day. Medellin traces the life, lusts and complexities of Colombia’s most notorious citizen.


Drama brings the crew to Barney’s to scrape a few years off his look. While he preens in a leather jacket, Vince and E run into Snoop Dogg on their way to the store’s restaurant. The rapper compliments them on the ‘Medellin’ trailer, which he saw leaked on YouTube that morning. Vince and E take the news in stride, but when they meet Walsh at the restaurant, he freaks and blames E for the disclosure. The argument escalates to vulgar insults and ends in a table-scattering scuffle. While E grapples with his director, Drama sees a customer wearing a "California Homegrown" hat that he must have. His quest leads him to a medical marijuana facility, but he’s barred from entering without a prescription card. Naturally, Turtle knows a guy and hooks Drama up with a doctor to remedy his "anxiety disorder." Leveraging his diagnosis to buy the hat – and the maximum pot dosage allowed by law – Drama heads to the ‘Five Towns’set. But, his cast mates are less impressed with his polished image than the dank he scored, leading to a real re-visitation of his youth, ripping bong loads in his trailer.

Fistfights notwithstanding, the ‘Medellin’ leak turns out to be a blessing: Ari’s office has been flooded with calls looking to cash in on Vince’s sudden marketability. But, the agent promises Vince he’ll convince Dana Gordon, who’s back on top after Ari got her fired from Warner Bros., to attach Vince to a mountain-hiking story called ‘Lost in the Clouds.’ Also, Elvis Mitchell from Interview magazine is in town to meet Vince, E and Walsh about the genius behind ‘Medellin.’ The trio makes it through the meeting without a meltdown, but afterward, a shirtless Walsh (complete with a monstrous ‘Medellin’ tattoo on his back) chases E’s Aston-Martin down the street. Swearing he’ll never speak to the director again after the release of ‘Medellin,’ E takes a call from Ari who’s sold Dana on his dream team: "Who wants to climb Mount Annapurna," he asks. "Vinny stars, E produces, Walsh directs. Boom."


Trapped between a trip to Cannes and volatile studio head Harvey Weingard, E can’t even enjoy some pampering at The Shave without Ari calling to jump on his back: "You sold a movie you weren’t in a position to sell." E assures Ari he’ll sever the deal with Harvey. Hanging up, Ari meets M. Night Shyamalan in person to pick up his latest screenplay, which the paranoid filmmaker expects him to read that night. At Drama’s condo, the elder Chase has hatched a plan to schmooze the mayor of Beverly Hills into annexing his condo into 90210 territory – but he needs Vince to lend some star wattage to his carousing with the mayor, who hopes a touch of celebrity will raise his odds with the ladies. Meeting Harvey for dinner, E starts to see his own odds – for survival – slipping through the cracks as the exec berates the waiter and contemplates fighting a nearby guest.

Restaurants aren’t treating Ari well either. When a Morton’s valet accidentally gives his car – along with the Shyamalan script – to a stranger, Ari tracks down his ride using GPS. A 140 mph speeding ticket lands him in jail on the way home, but at least he has plenty of time to read. Out for drinks at Winston’s, Drama manages to hook the mayor up with a hottie without Vince’s aid but receives bad news when the bouncer says she’s a tranny. The good news? The mayor doesn’t care. With Drama’s zip code all but updated, he shifts his attention to the awkward ballet unfolding around Harvey, who’s come along with E to "celebrate the sale." Neither Vince nor E has the cojones to break off the deal, especially when Harvey works himself into a lather over a botched drink order. As the bouncer drags him out of the bar, Drama – elated in his victory – steps in to do the deed: "You can’t buy the movie. Sorry bro."

The next day Ari, haggard but prepared, meets Shyamalan in his office only to find the filmmaker has rewritten the script. "Here, read it," he tells Ari. "I’ll wait." It seems Drama has wasted the previous evening as well when Turtle shows him the latest gossip online: a video of the mayor escorting his "lady" to the car, which ends in a Britney-esque crotch shot – and two nasty surprises. "Don’t know how much longer he’ll be mayor," Turtles remarks.

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